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  1. I have a few questions about these cards.

    1. Where were they originally sold
    2.Who discovered them and started to use them as a staple in their magic first
    3.What finish does it have.
  2. Arrcos are being sold all over the world and are printed by USPCC.
    Alot of magicians use them, including Dan and Dave, Me!!!

    These are amazing cards, nice finish, durable and they have a nice design feature, the pips arend pointi they are kinda roundish. If you have a chance to get these i reccomend them!

  3. They are actually plastic coated which is actually a bit of a shock. They feel super nice in your hands and fan beautifully every time, for a long time. highly recommended
  4. I love them. I always keep a deck of them "pure" I guess you could say, meaning I keep them as just regular cards with all 54 inside and no clips or anything like that. Sadly though the only place I can buy them is at a local gas station that also sells Aviators. Is that a my region thing, or does everyone's gas stations do that?
  5. there the same cards as studs basily just a diff logo feel the same and btw all cards are plastic coated because of the finish....duuuuuuuuh!
  6. its weird because i was in albertsons the other day and i saw aviators
  7. Your lucky you can buy them locally most people have to order them I believe.

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