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  1. I know that a lot of you have the Art of Astonishment series by Paul Harris. I was just wondering what your guys favorite tricks from Book 1 are. Also, what tricks get you the best reactions?

    I got Book 1 two days ago, so I was just wondering.
  2. theres been a ton of threads on this, but, i like:

    Deep thought
    twisted aces
    las vegas leaper
    silver and aces name a few.

    But look thru it and see, and next time use the serch ;)

  3. ok just to let you know i posted something like this already so your gonna get a whole bunch of people saying use the search
  4. No offense, but I hate when people ask what the best trick is.
    We all have different opinions. My most hated trick can be the one you perform most.
    Just read the whole book and skip nothing. Then you can decide for yourself what the best tricks are.
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    I think he's just trying to talk about the book since he just got it and he's excited about it. He didn't ask us to pick out tricks for him.

    It's getting to where, no matter what, if you ask someone's opinion on anything, you get a handful of people scolding you for it or giving you a pep talk about how only the decisions we arrive at completely on our own have any merit.

    But! To answer the Oh-Pee's question:

    - Improv Nightshades is always good. Anytime you can alter money, especially bills, people just lap that stuff up. The good thing about it is you can fiddle with it to apply more than just sunglasses to Washington. Not to mention the numerous improvements and advancements of the effect throughout the years (such as U.V. Nightshades)
    - Think of a Card is a simple mentalism effect with cards that I enjoy. What I like is that the movements are all logical, and how well it flows.
    - Solid Deception, while I haven't actually performed this, has a sort of childish fun to it that appeals to me. It's where card tricks should be going.
    - I also haven't performed Creation (due to lack of moth) but I think any effect that creates or restores life is amazingly powerful, given a proper presentation. I'd love to see this one actually done.
    - And of course, re-cap is always a fun routine!
  6. Las Vegas Leapers
    Improve Nightshades
  7. Thanks guys. Sorry by the way, I searched but for some reason only the word astonishment was searched. Or maybe that is the way it is supposed to search. You can see that I need to get used to these forums.

    Anyway, thanks.
  8. Congrats on starting AoA. They are just filled with originality, comedy, and brilliant magic. Please don't read this thread and then go read the tricks listed here. Read it in order, EVERYTHING (even the essays and jokes).
    Why is everyone saying las vegas leaper? Leap of Faith is 10X better!! I also don't really like solid deception, nightshades, or creation.

    My favorites- reset, leap of faith, new twisted collectors, interlaced vanish, and recap.
  9. oh yeah! i completely forgot about reset^^
  10. This has to be one best effect in my opinion from the Art Of Astonishment Vol One "Paul Harris" Rip-Off Reverse. Basically its a signed torn & restored card along with an impossible card transposition.
  11. This not only makes you a Johnny Wrongpants, but also a Richard Falsebottoms Cunningham III.

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