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  1. So I went to magic makers today and saw the last copy of AOA. I bought book 2, the last one. Is it essential to own the first one too? Like learning wise or can you own book 2 without having to buy book 1 (i.e. card college gets harder in each book. Are they sort of the same way?)
  2. No. I do not believe that there is an increase in difficulty, nor are there any effects from book one that have been updated, or require knowledge from. Although, I do recommend purchasing book 1 and 3 eventually. They are excellent.
  3. yeah i do plan on getting them ASAP. Is it all the same stuff as in the dvd's?
  4. I dont think there is a DVD out yet featuring just AOA material. TA is different from the books as they only have 36 effects or so. (Plus bonus stuff)
  5. As of right now, there is one release out that features the AoA material (although, it only features a fraction of the effects). However, TA is not that release. So no, the books don't contain the same material as the TA set.

    To be honest, I would suggest the AoA books over the TA series. I love both, but I have to give the nod to AoA. :)

    Also, I believe that there is a future release that will feature some of the AoA material. Exciting. :)
  6. THe AofA books are a compliation of all the books released by PH over his career. I actually think number 2 is one of the best, but they are all great. You don't have to read them in order. Good pick up!
  7. Morgician is right it is just all the books PH released earlier in his career and a few new things added. Interesting that you said number 2 was in your opinion the best as the general feeling (from most people) is that 2 is the weakest of the group.
  8. Good call, I got my books mixed up,and had to look. I actually love number 3 the best. 2 is certainly the weakest, but still some great gems and concepts - and I would assume like movies...people felt the first has the strongest material. I just think one of the best effects in magic is housed in 3 (thanks D ICE R). So good...I won't tell you what it have to buy the book and figure it out for yourself!
  9. It is not necessary to own all three AOAs but I would make it a point to acquire the other two whenever you can. Everyone is a mixed bag of top notch concepts and working material.
    There is no rush to acquire these, however, it gets reprinted all the time. It has been a best seller since its creation, and for good reason.
    Since you have Volume 2. might I show you a video of one of my favorite effects from it?

    This is Uncut Version from Volume 2. of the Art of Astonishment. The handling I use is the same one in the book.
  10. WOW! Monster flash and very jerky movement on this Youtube video. Is this you Industrialchild?

    I find it odd that everything is so calm and slow until the clean up comes. The movement actually scared me. Also, their is a flash of the clean up when the deck is tabled. Ugh.

    Good effect though.
  11. Yep, that's me. :D I'm sorry that I made you jump. This handling of the trick is word for word right out of the book. In this handling there is a point where the two cards get supposedly stuck right near the end. So the performer has to forcefully rip the two cards out of each other.
    Now I do have a calmer handling of this effect, but I do prefer the "brute force" handling that is in the AOA book because at the end you get the visual appearance of the Jack being ripped out of the Ace. It is quite shocking for lay people. The only reason why I put this video to music was because I have my own unique patter for this effect, and I didn't want to post it for the public to see.

    I was wondering if you would take the time to PM me and tell me which part I flashed in. I am not offended by this, but this is really news to me. I just watched it like twice and I don't notice anything really major. PM me and let me know, cause if I'm in turn exposing any of the method than I would do the right thing and remove the video.

  12. Hi David - I will PM you when I get more time. Says alot about you as a magician and person that you can take feedback so well. Look forward to chatting.
  13. Excuse me? I hope that you are kidding. This performance is actually pretty damn flawless.. Even the table cards.. if you were to casually table a deck.. you obviously would have some jogged cards on the bottom.. Unless you have OCD and must have them squared constantly... If that is the case, then just get an omni deck.
  14. Nope - not kidding.

    First - perhaps you should chill on the accusations of being OCD, and tone. As, I could question your lack of observation for detail, and your lack of respect for a higher level of standards for deceivinng your audience.

    I agree that some cards would be jogged at the end of the deck...I don't t think those cards would jog out at their middle - because of the unnatural movement under the deck, the eyes go there - if you can't see the edges of the two ripped cards sticking out, perhaps you are not very observant. However, I have not read this effect or seen it before...and instantly recognized the clean up based off the haste of the last move, fumbling, and edges of the ripped cards sticking out of the side of the tabled deck.

    So, although I don't think it is horrible - I wouldn't say that this "take" of the filmed effect would be so clean that nobody will catch the same things.

    You may call it OCD - I call it having standards. We can agree to diagree. Review the video again, and tell me you don't see the edges sticking out the middle?!

    Like I said, the effect is good - it is the clean up moment that fumbles and flashes a little...I think details matter.
  15. Just a thought but maybe he wants to look sloppy and unrefined. I mean there are guys out there who do things like that and still make it look like magic (Lennart Green, Johnny Thompson and possibly a few others)
  16. Yes, good point Randy...but that kind of sloppy and unrefined is a character choice...and those guys still FOOL the HECK out of everyone. I am only concerned with a small flash and the unnatural movement...but in the end, it isn't me, so whatever.

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