Arthritis Onslaught 4

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, so most of you guys know Chris Brown's series entitled "Arthritis Onslaught." Well today, 10/10/10, is his brand new Arthritis Onslaught 4! This video is one of my favorite videos I've seen of all time, and I really think all of you should take a look at this...


    Simply amazing!

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  2. Go Chris!! This guy is really awesome. You have to admire his deck handling. Clean, flourishy, smooth.

    Btw, in the AO4 teaser, it shows a bunch of Erdnase books. What are they? A giant encyclopedia...?
  3. Legit. That is all.
  4. They're notebooks that replicate the 2002 fascimile. The pictures are in all the same spots but all words have been removed from the inside.

    FYI, at 4:07, that's Casey's Acetone Change. So don't be thinkin' he created it first people.
  5. So...what's the point of them..?
  6. its so you can take your own notes on the move presented in erdnase. genius really.
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    Mehar, that's like asking what the point is in a magician keeping a notebook. To store ideas and extra finesse tips they may discover themselves or with help as they progress through the moves. Plus, it has ALL the original pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if people like Dan and Jason England sleep with one under their pillows..

    And it looks cool. Just sayin'.
  8. Dan would marry Expert at the Card Table if it was legal....I'm pretty sure of that! :p

  9. As much as i respect Orbit.. i wish it was less flashy camera edits and you could actually see something....

    highly skilled..

    he should have included a list of all the changes he used
  10. Well actually i like AO3 more than AO4, but this is still very cool, worth the wait. :)
  11. Wait.. its not legal? ahh crap, gotta file those papers.. :/
  12. People on themagicsession were giving me crap about not liking this one, it's nice to see that people agree with me about the excess of editing. More magic less flashy film stuffz.
  13. One of the reasons that I like it is because of all the flashy film editting. But, I am also trying to get in to that, so I guess you never know...
  14. i think if you compare them to each other you will always allow opinions to come into the matter. However i look at as Chris trying new things each time, evolving not just in magic technique but in style and interests with each new video and i try my best to view them all as individual parts. I enjoyed AO3 and A04, both have a unique quality that i really respect, appreciate and i'm impressed by. Chris always delivers

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