Artifact Coins?

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  1. Do you think they are worth it because they are expensive. Also, do they seem gaffed or unnatural in the way that Black Tigers seem gaffed for some spectators?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I wouldn't buy them, too expensive for something so easily replaced with a half dollar.
  3. I can't see any professional coin magician using the artifacts. In certain routines, I have my coins examined before and after. Having the spectator see the words "precision" and "stealth" would take away from part of the magic. As well, these coins are about twice as thick as a normal half dollar.

    The price, at $5.99-$6.99, is odd considering a silver half dollar can be found for around $8-$10. Not that much of a price difference. It's even better to buy silver right now because the price of silver is steadily increasing.

    I just don't get it... do people not realize putting the word "stealth" on something makes it less stealthy?!
  4. Thank You!

    Artifact Tokens.

  6. For a half dollar, you can get them even cheaper than that. Sometimes, banks will have some available to be changed out for the actual value of 50 cents each. But go to any flea market or coin shop and you can usually find some from anywhere between $1-$10.

    || sean ||
  7. I doubt any bank or coin shop will provide a silver half dollar for face value. A standard, clad Kennedy half will go for face value.
  8. Go to They sell half dollars for 80 cents and yes banks would do it for face value. Hqlf dollqrs are still being minted so a 50 cent coin would not be worth more than 50 cents at a real bank
  9. he means silver, walking liberties are mostly silver, thus they're more than face value. The only Kennedy half that was silver are 1964 Kennedy Halfs, and they don't go for face value.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Jeff, it was very well put.

    On a slightly unrelated note, playing cards are different. Black Tigers don't inherently look gaffed. Would you question a goth magician with two piercings and dyed black hair if he used a black tiger deck? Probably not. Would you question a twelve year old with a cap on backwards? Probably. By the same reasoning, a goth magician using the pink ribbon Bicycle decks would get laughed off the street.

    Suspicion surrounding playing cards are created when the design is not congruent with your persona.

    Black Tiger cards are marketed as cool. Some of the words in E's marketing are: Attitude. Voodoo. Witchcraft. The problem is, most users are anything but, and can be summed up by: Boring. Generic. Bland.
  11. Again, a SILVER half dollar will not sell for face value. A standard Kennedy half, like I mentioned earlier, is still at face value because it is not silver and, you're correct, it's still being minted. The only Kennedy halves that will be worth more are from before 1970 - with 1964 being worth the most.
  12. I bought a few to check them out and they have their advantages. Being a bit thicker than 1/2 dollars they're harder to palm making them a decent "training" coin. They're a bit interesting to look at and add a small bit of flair. Conversely since they're not standard coins that people know, you'll be under suspicion more. I really wish they didnt have "stealth" & "precision" stamped on them, its a bit obxnious.

    Ive been working with them for palming and ive noticed my classic palm significantly better with the thinner 1/2's and english pennies. Id love to get a set of walking liberties soon, my birthday is also coming up *hint hint* ;)
  13. The reason I used it as an example was purely to help people understand my question more. I agree that it might fit some people's style, but as you said, most are not goth. That is why I used it as an example.
  14. Granted I am very new to coin magic, I have not had any issue performing with these. I let them examine the coins before and after and while they might look different, it is a solid metal coin with no gaff. I have never had anyone tell me "oh well it must have something to do with those coins"
  15. I can't believe anyone else have commented on the extremely smooth edges on these! And I don't mean that in a positive way.
    They're waaay to slick for palming, at least in my hands. I was really disappointed when I got them, coz besides the slick edges they're pretty cool.
  16. So I'm bumping this thread because E just released and update to these coins which I think makes them a bit more worthwhile. First they now come in both half dollar and dollar size coins. That doesn't really make a difference to me that much as I only use half dollar sized coins, but some workers I know prefer to use dollar sized coins. The next update is that they now come in copper. Personally I like the look of the copper coins better than the "silver" coins. I think they look a lot nicer. I am considering getting some copper coins once I have some extra cash. The other update, which makes me glad I didn't buy these the first time they were available, is they got rid of that stupid "Stealth and precision" thing. They replaced it with the Latin phrases "invictivus maneo" and "ad posse ad esse" which translates to "I Remain Unvanquished" and "From Possibility to Reality" respectively... thoughts?
  17. Meh, I'm just not a huge fan of the faces of these coins. They honestly look like arcade tokens. The back looks alright though. The upside is that they're cheaper than actual coins (The dollar size at least) so they make good practice pieces for people working on new routines. Other than that they won't pass for real coins, so I have no idea what I'm going to tell my spectators they are when they ask.
  18. Turns out they'll be making gaffs as well

  19. I think you have to order from Roy Kueppers himself. So they'll be very cheap I think. If you have the money these gaffed coins are very cool, but for normal people its just to cheap I think.
  20. I totally agree with you. two thumbs up d (>,<) b

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