Artificial Intelligence by FPS.


Jan 11, 2008
A friend of mine, FPS. (who is a member among the forums Here) has given me a rough-draft of his new effect he's been working on the past few years, "Artificial Intelligence".

BEFORE the effect begins, the performer claims he will IMPLANT a card into the spectator‟s mind – and he's already done so through the process of subliminal messaging – in order to prove this, the performer makes a written prediction on the back of the card case.

A deck of cards is introduced and the spectator is then asked to name ANY card – a completely FREE choice – which is isolated from the rest of the deck – to prevent any trickery from occurring.

The performer reveals that EACH card has something distinctive written on the back of them – from words to images, there are NO two alike – and that each card is a "HOLDER‟ (or associated with) to the image/word written on the back of the card.

Claiming the experiment was successful, the spectator is given the privilege to turn over the performer's prediction and on the cellophane of the card box reads the “AI” – and to question whether the spectator's thought of card was actually their own or if they were under the performer's influence – the spectator's card is turned over to read the word “AI” WRITTEN amongst the back of the card.

"Artificial Intelligence" is easy to perform and you'll have all the necessary items to construct your deck and you're ready to go. It's REALLY a powerful and strong performance and the snapshot of the prediction matching leaves a devastating impact and great impression. I recommend PMing him for any questions (or orders) you may have... it's versatile and simple, but DEFINITELY a killer effect!
Apr 7, 2011
the underground.
Thanks Jv for your honest review. This has been something I've been performing for quite some time and it ALWAYS gets a phenomenal reaction. The best part is, it's easy and there's literally NO sleight-of-hand involve which allows you to focus more on your presentation than anything else - and because of it's versatility, you can perform or fit the effect to your needs or performing style and venue. Like Jv has stated, PM with any questions you have.
Apr 7, 2011
the underground.
To those wondering in the PMs, the effect will work with ANY images or words of your choice - and the deck will take you no more than 10 minutes to 'construct'!
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
FPS, first of all, congratulations on your release, I hope it does well.

I do have one question that I'm curious about though, something that kinda stuck out when I read Jv's description of the effect. The plot of the effect is one of subliminal suggestion, the idea that you plant a card in someone's mind, right? Well, if this was the case, wouldn't your box prediction be the card? The idea of predicting it by predicting the word on the back of the card that was subliminally suggested seems a little odd. Aside from the obvious advantage of (I'm assuming) being 100% compared to psychological forces, can you explain why you constructed the effect this way?
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