Assembling Gimmicks with Rubber Cement

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  1. Hello everyone, I have recently been getting back into magic and I have wanted to go back and reassemble Prophet by Tom Isaacson and I do not want to flush above $100 down the drain unless I strictly have to for it to be the best.

    I have attempted to use tape many times and I notice it is way to hard to get it perfectly even because you cannot shift the bill after attaching it and you'd have to keep taking it off and reassembling it. I have thought about using the recommended substance rubber cement but I do not know if I could possibly take it apart if I perhaps needed to use the money in the future. I have read online you can take things apart that are glued by rubber cement if you do it with common sense and care, but I just want to ask for everyone's opinion or thoughts before going forward.

    I am going to try it with just one dollar bills just to try it to make sure it is safe but it is better to test it and have the opinion of other people who may have experience with these kind of things.

    Thank you to everyone!
  2. rubber cement will not damage the bills. You can peel them apart later and spend them. :)
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  3. Thank you

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