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  1. Hey, what do you guys use when you want to get attention without walking up to someone and saying "Can I show you something?" Like some examples might be hummer card or something like that.
  2. personally, i hate people trying to get your attention. they make it seem like they are not but I can obviously tell when they are. to me it seems kind of obnoxious. im going save some time and say - flourishing - i can guarantee more than half the people will say that. just go up to someone, start a normal conversation, casually bring up the fact that your a magician. if they ask, show them something, if not don't. and i just realized this was my 400th post. yay. i have 400 posts. go me. (im doing this because i don't understand why people are obsessed with post count.)
  3. "Hey you guys want to see something cool"
    (people tend to say yes more often because they don't know what you're going to do)

    or just sit down and flourish.
  4. I haven't really performed for that many strangers but if I wanted to....I would just mess around with some flourishes. Or I would perform a trick to a friend who was with me at Panera or Starbucks and have him give good reactions. I think that would work.
  5. Do a small,visual,piece of magic but as if your doing it for your own enjoyment.
  6. Bro
    your psychic.
    You were right about people saying
  7. Yeah ive done that before. Just do like a color change if you think people are watching. That way you can get your spectators to ask you to show them something.
  8. It's all situational, sometimes I might genuinely just be playing with some cards or showing a friend a trick and people catch it outta the corner of their eye and come ask if I'm a magician.

    If I'm going out performing, or more likely hired to do so, I go up and open with the phrase:

    "Hi Guys, Can I show you guys a little magic?"

    And open up that way in a very conversational manner, I think that Tally is right in saying that people aren't going to think the best of you for trying to get attention and pretending that you're not. If you want people to approach you, make a REAL spectacle of your self and show them that you are there performing, not just some guy fiddling around with stuff in the corner!:p

  9. I was thinking more along the lines of bill abbotts the thing... something like that. SOmething that gets attention... you want the people to watch you... tats the point... I am not trying to hide the fact that I am performing for an unsuspecting audience by doing something that can be seen by everyone without being terribly close to them. I just wanted to see what things are out there that are attention grabbing that don't cost a lot and do not require flourishing, since I don't do any.
  10. I usually come up to them and show them something really cool about it. It is really easy to do that rather than trying to get their attention.
  11. I usually say: "Hey! Excuse me? Can you guys help me out really quick."
    They usually think I need the time and say yes. then I just say cool and go into a trick. I would go into more detail but I have to go to bed. Other than that I find that really big flourishes will draw people in and so wll some flashy color changes when there are people next to you.
  12. As Tally, I hate it when people do things for their "own enjoyment" when they are obviously seeking attention. Its like "hey... ill just sit near you 4 over here and play with my cards... making a lot of noises here...... lalala...... ill just throw in some fans..... watch me watch me...... more springs and riffles... more noises..... watch me...." I find that if you want attention then ask for it. I usually just ask if they want to see a trick or conversations usually lead to hobbies and so on.
    anyways, if you really want to do something that will catch attention. I suggest getting a Fire Wallet, or a product of jim pace's which allows you to produce fire out of anything. Open a bag, theres fire, OMG what is this? its a deck. no way...
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    I ALWAYS have a deck or 2 or 5,6,7 on me at all times. I'm always playing with my cards. You can tell if someone is doing it for attention, but I honestly do it like a bad habit. Just playing with cards will get attention. I play with cards for my self, I do magic for everyone. If that doesn't work to well, talk to them. When I do night clubs, I talk to them. Make friends, if the magic comes up, I'll do a trick. It not, oh well. Don't do flashy stuff to do magic. Be an entertainer. Make them laugh and have a good time with them. Magic is just something I can do to entertain them, along with many other things.
  14. I talk to them. And I listen to what they say in reply.
  15. I usually say" Hey guys whats up? I saw this really crazy thing the other day and I wanna share it with someone do you mind if I show you?" I try not to a say Im a magician if all possible. This line usually works.
  16. When I see people who are flourishing which is hardly ever. In order to really draw in a crowd you have to create a personality around you that makes people want to stop and watch you do magic. Sure flourishing might bring in 1 or 2 people but what do you do after that? How are you going to hold those 2 spectators and draw in more? Also I feel that routining is a good thing, I perform something simple first, get a quick slam bam reation which will let other know that, Hey their is something fun happening over hither. Now this simple trick involves no physical interaction because I use this to guage who I want to use for the next trick, a pick a card trick.
    Hopefully it will get more reactions. Then I switch and do cold reading getting more mysterious reactions. Then I finish it off with Angle Zero when i make the corner disappear I usually have it somewhere near by and I direct attention to the spot. When everyones attention is on the corner I casually walk away. It leaves a bit more mystery.
  17. you could put a ciggarette in your mouth, take out some matches and do that think dan sperry does on card manipulation 3, (just cos its look so awsome)

    then go into "just call me mr wonderfull" and fan the deck, do a vanish, but then thats a whole routine...

    I dunno, just ask people if they could help you.
    say its for charity (it really is) and all donations towards magic go towards the thing your helping.

    do hovercard. OR if your in a flourishing group do relay flourishing (or whatever its called) and flourish to each other.

    I dunno, the people above me said better ideas ;)
  18. When I used to stroll random people, I would yo-yo or flick cards in the air. I'm old.

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