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Avenue Review

Sep 1, 2007
Avenue Review.

Packaging: The DVD comes in a standard case.

Menus: The menus are very clear. As it has become Dan and Dave practice, the effects and explanations now are not called “effects” and “explanations.” In this disk the effects are called Avenue and the explanations are called Direction.

Effects: I will list my impressions, how visual the effect is (I know some people want just visual stuff) how practical it is and how easy it is. I will also give it an overall score on my impressions (obviously this is my opinion… feel free to disagree).

Grease Lightning v1

A visual transposition of the four aces and the four kings that goes like this: A spectator is asked which would they prefer, “Aces or Kings?” Whatever their choice, these four cards, let’s say Kings, are cleanly inserted into separate parts of the deck and left protruding. The Aces are placed face up on top. With just a snap, the Aces visually change into Kings. The protruding cards are removed and shown to be the Aces.

Impressions: As noted in the description, this is what I call a “tight” transposition. What I mean by this is that there is not much distance between the cards that change places.

Visual Level: This is VISUAL. The whole effect happens fairly quickly, but it is so clean and clear that the spectators know exactly what is happening. It is also worthwhile to note that the cards are very cleanly pushed into different parts of the deck and then are stripped out from different parts of the deck.

Practicality and ease: This is a very practical effect. Dorian has streamlined this so it is simple for the audience and yet, the moves are well covered. There are 3 “moves” in the effect. As you may know, the whole DVD encompases different utilities with Pughe's Pass, therefore that is used (and I will assume you now know that all effects use the pass in one way or another).

Personal Score: Beautiful, 100% impromptu. 9/10.

Grease Lightning v2
This is a variation of Grease Lighting that will fool even magicians. Perhaps one of the most visual and direct effects on the DVD.

Impressions: As noted in the description, this is a second version of what I call a “tight” transposition.

Visual Level: This is also very VISUAL. The whole effect happens fairly quickly, but it is so clean and clear that the spectators know exactly what is happening. If you have never seen this performed, watch it before watching the explanation. It WILL fool you… probably.

Practicality and ease: This is a very practical effect and slightly easier than the original grease lightning. Dorian has streamlined this so it is simple for the audience and yet, the moves are well covered. There is a tiny set up, which can be used for other transposition effects as well.

Personal Score: Very cool effect if you have the set up ready, if not, you can always do the first version, both rock. 10/10.

Snap Exchange
Similar in effect to Grease Lightning, however, this time the four Kings are placed face down in four different parts of a face-up deck. After the aces are placed face up on top and then suddenly change into the Kings, the whole deck is spread out to reveal the four Aces are now reversed in the deck.

Impressions: Another great fooler. A more complex transposition, in that it seems impossible for anyone to exchange cards that have been placed in different parts of the pack.

Visual Level: Very Visual, but the best part is the ending, when the transposition is discovered. The effect is quick and simple. This effect works best with a table, since if you spread the cards between your hands at the end, they may suspect that you did something then.

Practicality and ease: This is again very practical, but as I mentioned, it is even stronger on a table. It is not very difficult, as long as you practice on being smooth. The set up is the same as with Grease Lightning V2, so you could do one for a table and be set to do a different one at another table.

Personal Score: Great as long as you carry the little extra something (the set up) with you. 10/10.

A sandwich effect utilizing a four of a kind, such as the four Jacks. Not only do the Jacks find the selection, they mysteriously transpose with each other a few times giving a new twist on this classic effect.

Impressions: This is Dorian’s handling of Larry Jennings’ Visitor effect. This effect can take place all in the hands however, which makes it great for walk around.

Visual Level: It is visual, that is for sure but it is more subtle and involved than the previous effects. Do not forget however, that magic happens in people’ brains.

Practicality and ease: This effect demonstrates Dorian’s mastery over techniques. A great technique by Earnest Earick is taught on this effect. Also, it shows you how you could take a great effect that is “table only” and transform it into something practical for any venue (or avenue… sorry, I know is dorky but I could not resist).

Personal Score: Pretty cool, I am a big fan of the original visitor and Dingle’s isolated visitor so this was great to see. 10/10.

After a card has been selected; three random cards are removed and shown. Instantly these cards and changed into the selection...that’s right...all three cards appear identical and match the selection. Of course this could only be an illusion, so the magician casually changes them back into the three random cards.

This quick little tricks plays big and gets even bigger reactions.
Impressions: This is cool. Very clean effect of one card transforming into several transforming into none, kind of like everywhere and nowhere.

Visual Level: Not as strikingly visual as the other tricks but nicely put together none the less. .

Practicality and ease: The main thing I like about the trick is the fact that you can play around a lot with the presentation. I have never been a big fan of one card multiplying then disappearing, but that is just me. I do admit that the trick does get great reactions though.

Personal Score: Cool stuff, just not my type of effect. 8/10

After four Queens are presented, the magicians asks for three selections to be made. These cards are noted and set aside. The magician, holding the Queens in his hand, instantly changes them into the three selections. The Queens are now cleanly shown to be the cards on the table (or in a spectators hand).

Impressions: Yet another transposition, but this one can be made in the spectator’s hands, making it pretty strong.

Visual Level: Very visual, the spectators holding the cards make it stronger.
Practicality and ease: A pretty practical effect. Several presentations can be added to this, so the transposition is secondary to a presentation you add.

Personal Score: If it happens in their hands… 10/10.

Here is Dorian’s take on the classic Inversion effect. Any card is selected and placed back into the deck. With no apparent moves, the selection instantly turns face down. The next time the magician leaves the selection sticking out of the deck, however, instead of the card turning over, the whole deck visually turns face up right in front of the spectators eyes.

Impressions: Like the name implies, is just another F@$# inversion.

Visual Level: Highly visual. Thank goodness this is not another transposition.

Practicality and ease: Very clear effect. The ending is just killer. This effect teaches you that you can just grab a few moves you know and turn them into something beautiful if you put them in the right context and with the proper routine development.

Personal Score: It scores high in my book. The original triumph was great. Larry Jenning’s Out-Standing triumph was revolutionary. This is the next step. 10/10.

Finders Keepers
The two black Aces are produced and a card is selected and returned. One at a time, the black Aces vanish. When the Aces are reproduced, between them is the selection. The magician
hands the selection back to the spectator and asks her to wave the card over the Aces. When she does, the magicians slowly spreads the two black Aces to show they have turned into the
four Aces, and face down between each Ace is the mates to the selection.

Impressions: Collectors on steroids.

Visual Level: Deceptively visual. This has a great kicker at the end, which can set you up for GASP! More transpositions!

Practicality and ease: Very clean collectors effect. The thing is, the spectators do not see the collectors part coming, so you fool them, then you blindside them with some Rhodell goodness. Shazam!

Personal Score: Really well constructed routine. Sorry to keep sucking up, but that ending rocks. 10/10.

Overall: Very high production values. I enjoyed the tools section, which teaches you the finer points on some of the techniques used. There are several techniques from several books, which Dorian gives credit too as he explains the effects, and they are also credited in the History and Credits PDF included in the DVD.

Side notes: Dorian is left handed. This is one of the reasons why you do not see over the shoulder angles on the DVD. You just have to mirror him and you can learn this stuff. I do not have the best hands, but I am already learning this effects and the finer points on the moves.

Recommendation: If you are willing to put in the practice it is much recommended. But if you are willing to practice and learn from how Dorian has taken some classical effects and turned them into routines, then definitely get it. Remember, one of the main aspects of the DVD is Dorian’s thinking. Do learn the methods, but also focus on learning the reasoning behind those methods. You will not be disappointed.

Any questions, feel free to PM me.
Juan Martinez.
Sep 1, 2007
how well doe the change get taught also how about cover for noise

The change is taught in full detail, including a practice tip that will speed up your learning process.

The noise is covered by motivation. The flick would cause a noise, and the noise itself actually cue the audience to a "magical moment" which was suggested by Michael Skinner, as opposed to revealing anything.

Any more questions please feel free to ask.

Juan Martinez.
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
This sounds okay, yeah. I may well pick it up. I have no need for any more transpo's, but the techniques taught sound worth the price, and as I'm told repeatedly- I'm a sleight whore.

Mar 11, 2008
could u explain the "DVD encompases different utilities with Pughe's Pass" .. wat are the other utilities with a brief description please
Sep 1, 2007
could u explain the "DVD encompases different utilities with Pughe's Pass" .. wat are the other utilities with a brief description please

The move itself is akin to the "ego" or "cardini" color changes. This is to say that Pughe's Pass is used as a color change as well. However, Pughe's Pass has the advantage of being able to control which direction the card is facing after the change. Therefore it could be (and it is on the DVD) used as a color change and immediately end clean. Or do the change and immediately follow with a sandwich effect.

What I meant by utilities is the different ways you use the move to aid in several classic effects, for example the inversion, which is more to show that we should be creative with the tools we have insead of being limited by what we have been taught.

Hope that helps,
Juan Martinez
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