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  1. I have never bought a pack of aviators and I was thinking about doing so. Could I possibly get someone to tell me what they are like and how long they last and how they handle or just some other things about them? Thanks :D
  2. I like them, they're made by USPCC so you know that they're going to be good.
    I have a deck that's probably close to 10 years old that will still fan nicely, but of course the dirt on it is very noticeable.
    I would get them, they're good cards.
  3. alright I will try a deck out. Thanks :D
  4. I have never had them, but you can check out this thread -- http://forums.theory11.com/showthread.php?t=805 -- about the Aviators. If you use the search feature, you'll also be able to find some answers to your questions.

  5. you can find them a kroger grocery store for a deck to test out, but if you want to get a good deal, filmart.com is the place to go
  6. They're like 2 bucks, just pick one up and try it out. It's not like you're browsing for homes here.

  7. They have Kroger where you live?
  8. Two words on how they feel: Yucky Poop
  9. I have seen many magicians swithc from bikes to aviators. I am also thinking about switching. but I dont wanna get a plastic coated deck. are these cards extreme plastic coated cards like bees and other nasty decks with that nasty powdery feel and shine on them?? im alergic to those cards. are therse cards like bikes with the grid patters without plastic coating??
  10. if bee is extreem plastic to you then dont try aviators. personally i pick bees over any other cards anytime if not talking about looks.
  11. I have Aviator cards and there nice :) they don't fan the best but they handle well esspecially for one handed cuts . There also longer lasting because of the plastic coating. :cool:

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