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    This post has been edited due to the amazing responses and assistance I have received here... you guys are awesome! Cheers...
  2. I really don´t give a crap...

    I saw the other discusion... about using other people music in the performances...and I am with you in the fact that we mostly are hobbysts... and semi-professionals....I agree that there are profesionals here...But I doubt anyone would fact I think if we followed the rules as said...we would have to ask permision for every trick we performed...and maybe if we used a trick of our "own" maybe we could get sued because it turned out it was done before...

    If you perform in controlled environments...I don´t think you should crack your head for getting permision for every track you use... just don´t claim the music is yours...and if you can credit the artists somehow (like a manuscript or in the publicity) I don´t there should not be a problem...

    Some artists really don´t care if you use their music...they however appreciate the fact you ask them for permision... I use a song of an artist called Diorama... and the main man is Torben Wendt...I sent him a facebook message asking him for permision...and he gave it to me...
  3. That's a very unprofessional attitude.

    You do ask permission for every trick. Except it's usually called "Buying it." When you buy a trick, you're paying for the rights to perform it as well (unless otherwise stated). Independently creating a trick and then having someone else claim it was theirs first can cause issues, but if you can prove that you were unaware of their creation, and that you created it independently, there can be some kind of compromise, I'm sure.

    For the most part, I do agree that it won't matter. However, someone who's hoping to have a decent sized name will want to be sure they are doing things legally. This goes for everything from taxes to royalties.

    Which is why you should check. A lot of musicians won't mind and will give you permission to use their songs without royalties if you simply ask them, but they may not be so generous if you use their work without asking them first.
  4. I still don´t give it..

    My point is... she is very worried to get all right, even the music credits...the only way to find free royalty music would be if she compose the music by herself, which is not realistic for now...Don´t let that stop you...and I think she should be focusing on the show, instead of the music... I say to Ashley Hall

    "Do whatever you want...don´t care about this... it´s good if you want to do it right, but if your show is not so big like Copperfield or Lance Burton who can afford to pay for rights or make their own music, then do care...but for now... Go ahead... use the music you like"
  5. There is nothing wrong in wanting to accurately credit. Doing it in the beginning gives good grounding to continue in the future. Composing unique music isn't the only way to get royalty free music.

    Ashley, there are many CD's with royalty free music on them. The clips vary in length and you do have to buy them. Alternatively, there is loads of new music being uploaded to sites like soundclound, youtube, vimeo....every single day. If you find some good songs and they happen to get on to your computer somehow no one is going to care ;)

    Here is a site for electronic music and dubstep a lot of stuff on there can be used without copyright claims being flagged and the majority of them are free to download.
  6. The way i do it is that i have one friend who composes electronic music and i asked him if it's ok to use it at my performances and he said yes.

    And as said before. I do not thing that if you are not professional who gets paid for then it should be ok to state the credits on the beginning or end.
  7. I actually wrote up a big list of resources recently, both finding and even creating quickly. It's something I would gladly post here with the blessing of the moderators.

    By big, I mean it would probably require three posts to get the information across.

    I've played drums since 9. My recording equipment shares shelf space with my cabinet. I made friends with my favorite band from high school by running their web site in college. Respect for other artists and the law are both part of my personal bias.

    Really, I don't see any difference between Ashley giving proper credit to the proper musicians the same way we respect other magicians whose methods helped build our acts.

    That said, a lot of people have been finding good music at Incompetech. He still requests attribution, which is to say you need to make sure the people who hear it know that he made it. Other than that, the music is royalty free.
  8. Though I'm not familiar with them, since I don't use music in my performances yet, I've seen several sites posted that have a lot of royalty free music. Either its in the public domain or the people who made it specifically released it that way (Either using the creative commons or just saying, "Use it as you want"). The resources are out there, they just need to be found. A couple brief google searches for "Royalty Free Music" will yield some results.

    If you want a specific song, it's not unreasonable to send some e-mails and attempt to get permission that way.

    Luis - Your cavalier attitude in this instance does not speak well for you. You're basically saying that you don't care about another performer's rights to their own work. That's pretty disrespectful, and (to me) seems even more disrespectful coming from a performance artist. Why should people respect magicians if this is the kind of attitude they encounter?
  10. I've been looking at, and I'm pretty impressed by all they have available. You can find out more about SmartSound custom length music, and even try it out for free at There is free Royalty Free Music - available for Youtube videos and other non-commercial uses, and inexpensive royalty free music for other uses, like what you are looking for. 3500+ tracks.

    Good luck, Connie

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