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  1. Hello everyone hope everyone is having a very nice day on this oddly early Wednesday (IKR??). Now, who’s ready... ​


    So as magicians we do weird things for weird reasons. Sometimes we forget THE LINE when we do gross, and disturbing stuff. we tend to forget the audience... might not like that. (Next time your sticking a borrowed coin in your mouth ,remember that) that being said, today I thought we’d all cross that line, and come up with some AMAZING TRICKS that... just might not be suitable to perform(no method required). That is it! Give me your worst best trick! AS ALWAYS BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!!

    P.S. I finally decided to make a FULL LIST OF WGN EPISODES idk what took me so long honestly, but please keep in mind responding to old threads is against forum rules!
  2. “Keeping up with our personal belongings can be a chore. In fact we have places where we hide these items. Some place money in their shoe, backpack, and other places you might not typically look. However, I know the best location to hide my most well guarded possessions. IN MY UNFERWEAR.”
    Reach in and pull out some money to demonstrate. But it doesn’t end there. With your hands on top of your head, your spectator takes off your belt, pulls down your pants to reveal THEIR OWN social security number is written across the front of your underwear so all can see!!!
  3. You hand your spectator an onion and have them freely name a card. They must eat the entire onion because in the center is their freely named card!!

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