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Back Design

Sep 3, 2007
Canada, Quebec
I don't get it...

Lately, there must be a thread on "My new back design of cards" everyday; and "coincidentally" almost every design has the same color as Jerry's, if not, a pattern similar to Wynn.

Any reason for this "movement" of designing cards??? :confused:
Sep 8, 2007
have to agree with cklam, almost every card design people are making are based off wynns or jerrys (large rectangle with a solid color of red, blue, black, and some cream color, with a simple design in white).

sure its easier to design a card like so, but its starting to get a tad repetitive... like butter... and bicycle backs...:D
Sep 3, 2007
I don't like it at all. Sorry, just something about it makes me... not like it. lol Good that you're trying to be creative, though.
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