Backpalming cleanup?

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  1. When you make a business card disappear with a backpalm, is there a smooth way to clean it up in front of the person or people without a long-sleeved shirt? Or is there a more efficient way to disappear the card instead of backpalming?
  2. Do a back to front move and slide your hand into your pocket.
  3. Why dont you just clean up by apparently pulling a card out of thin air?
    If you dont want to do that, you can do what Keokesilverfang suggests, or what I sometimes do is in the action of showing both sides of my hand empty, I put my backpalmed card on the face of the deck. Ill try to explain that another way. I show my palm, move my hand over the deck, drop the backpalmed card on top of the deck. You can also do this under cover of the reaction of the card vanish. Just make sure that when you practice, you know which way the card is facing when you wave it before it vanishes. The way it should face is that your audience should see the face of the card. I hope this was hepful.
  4. I don't know why you would want to make a business card disappear and not reappear. Don't you want that person to have your business card. If I wanted to do that with a deck of cards, I would do the pivot move and place the hand on deck.
  5. Tenkai is always a good way to vanish a card.
  6. There is a good clen up I always use in D+M ebook Collateral.
    I can not say you in which trick he explains it due to exposure.
  7. It's their business card, not mine. They hand me their business card, and I make it disappear and continue on our way or keep talking

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