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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by BCardician, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Hy guys! So my effect got released yesterday and I wanted to make this thread for anyone who has a question regarding the product. Feel free to ask me anything or just leave your opinion of the effect!

  2. Hey Cris,
    i am a big fan of your videos on youtube so i'm thinking about buying this. The only questions i have is

    1) Is the move angle-sensitive?
    2) How hard would you say it is?

  3. Hey Jack! I'm really happy you like my material :) . To answer your questions:

    1. The move can be performed from ANY angle.
    2. It's not easy nor that hard. After you practice it a couple of times and get the knack of it, it'll become easier. Also,it is necessary that you know how to do a "Off the Thumb Spring" ,but Andrei will cover that as well.Then you just have to work the pattern and presentation.

    You have to remember that is not of those sleights that once you know the secret you can immediately do it. This one does require serious practice.

  4. Thanks Cris!
    I am buying this as soon as! I can't believe it can be performed at ANY angle! Really?!?! And yes, i am familiar with the 'Off the Thumb Spring' which will hopefully make it quicker to learn but even so, i will put the time and dedication into the move just like i do with any move. :)
    Your card magic is highly inspirational to me, please keep on creating!

    Thanks again,
  5. If I master the "off the thumb spring" will I learn it quickly? how long did it take you to create and refine this move?
  6. I won't disappoint you Jack !

    It took me around 3 days to come up with the main idea, then about 2-3 weeks to refine the method(like finger positioning,grip,spring,pattern and so on). But that's how long it took me to have the final product. You've already got that.

    Having the spring down does give you an advantage. I say that if you give this move some serious practice, you can learn it as quick as you can. Then you just have to work on your presentation and go out there and perform it.

    Quick Tip: Never do this outside if it's windy. When the card is about to reverse, the wind will blow it out of the pack.(in case you don't want this to happen)

    Ohh...and don't forget the most important part: Have Fun with it!

  7. About a year ago i seen a number of people doing this at the magic castle the only diffrence was the
    after the spring the card was protruding from the pack, then another spring of the cards and the card
    would change.
  8. I think you're talking about the color change that Brian Tudor did on his Generation eXtreme dvd. This move requires only one spring and the card won't protrude after doing it. I think you'll find the method quite interesting after you purchase it .

  9. [video=youtube;9xORon1nZ40][/video]

    Wanted to show you guys what you can do after mastering how to turn one card with the spring.
  10. Hey there I was wondering is it ok to spring it from the bottom of your finger near te palm instead of from the finger tips?
  11. Oh ya bout the spring yes it is spring via the thumb if you are wondering.the finger thingy I said is the front four fingers.and 1more thing after I pushed the card out and ready for the spring I feel this piercing sensation of the corner of the the a**l* jO* card piercing me can you help me?
  12. Love this effect, Cris! Took me a few days to get the technique working reliably for my unreliable hands (!!!!), but once I got the hang of it, I fell in love with it. It's diabolical and I fool myself performing it. That's my favorite kind of magic.
  13. Hi there I was just wondering if anyone could answer my questions,pls help I really am addicted to the move but cannot get it and have these questions in mind hope to find a solution
  14. I cant even begin to get this trick!!!!!!
  15. Slowly.take you time with it eventually you will get it :D

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