Balean Twist

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  1. Anyone else out there has this and practicing? I could really use some insight, as I just can't get the knack consistent. Awesomesaucesome effect. Love this.
  2. Could you make a review please? I'm really thinking of geting this soon
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    Balean Twist "Review"

    Instead of writing up a review, which I'm probably terrible at, I'll respond by saying:

    If you enjoy card springs, and can do them with relative ease, get this effect. It's that cool.

    Of all the magic downloads I've ever bought, this one truly fits my style (and sleights). There's very little technical skill required, but the move is knacky. So much so, I've yet to master it - hence my earlier post. But that's what practice is all about!

    Andrei Jihk's instructions are clear and concise; the video well shot - but I've a few questions that weren't discussed. A bit more detail on a few key points would have been nice (and probably the answer to my dilemma). Andrei, if you're out there - PM me, please! :D

    The effect is simple and sweet, diabolically beautiful. Well worth the $9.95.

    One caveat: if you like your cards free from bends, this one's not for you.
  4. his name is Andrei Jihk not Alexander
  5. No wonder he never PM'd me! ;)

    Thanks, edited. Who the ****'s Alexander?
  6. Hey Theo. I'm really glad that you like my effect :). If you have any questions regarding the technique, you can PM me or just ask here as long as it doesn't divulge the method.

  7. Sent you a PM, cheers!
  8. Just want to let anyone reading this know: GET THIS EFFECT. NOW.

    Not only does it rock socks, but Cris (BCardician) - the creator of the Balean Twist - is a wicked brilliant can't-say-enough-good-things-about-him swell guy. He spent more than enough time personally helping me out with my technique. That, and he's as funny as borscht. Not that borscht is funny, but...yeah. Y'know.

  9. Yo! If you guys have any questions, please PM me, I'd be glad to answer and help out if there's any trouble learning the move. It's definitely NOT an easy move but once you master it, it's so addicting and fun, I love it.

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