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  1. Can somebody help me .on bancheks 4 disc series.he has a effect called the ring if truth where he takes 2 men and makes 2 the liar and one a truth teller. I have tried to figure this effect out.but no luck doing so ..maybe i am over thinking it. But i am not sure. I can't understand how it works at all. I have watched the explanation over and over. I don't get it. Can someone please explain to me as much as possible .without giving away to much of the secret. How the heck this works ? Please
    Thank you so much
  2. you can learn it on his PSI #2
  3. My bad I misread what you were asking you could probably ask him directly or find a performance online.
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  4. Sadly i own the entire set. And its one i think may be so over thinking it maybe. Like osterlinds nickels in bowl trick.i first couldnt relate to that one either.when i got it.i said omg it was just me over thinking the effect
  5. I know im weak at mentalism. I can do things easily like osterlinds numero uno. But its more of a magician style effect. On the other hand his hard hitting signed news paper cut n restored. I can't grasp ! Not sure what my problem is.

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