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  1. Hey guys,

    I see that couple of "give me suggestion for tricks" threads have popped up lately. So I will also create one that I really need.

    I need bar effects, which means shorter in length, highly visual magic that can be done with NO talking, aka. to a loud music.

    It can be a card trick as long as it covers the above criteria. However, I would like to stay away from cards if possible, unless it is highly visual.

    Also, about the angles, the wider the angles, the better.

    It can be a gimmick (it doesn't matter), and the price also doesn't matter.

    I need around 5-6 different effects.

    As far as my style goes, I have tons of experience in restaurants, cruise ships, stage, parlor, everything except bars and loud clubs. Which means I have never performed silent.

    Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. ***When I think of bar magic, Brian Brushwood comes to mind. (Doesn’t help living in Austin). His Scamschool book collection and channel is literally packed with solid effects that are tailor made for being used in an angles don’t matter, easy to string together bits in bars.

    I imagine that and a few packet tricks, an invisible deck and Cipher (I know I’ve mentioned this like 5 times but it really slays) will get you where you’re looking to go.

    ****Yes, I know he is a polarizing dude as he reveals and teaches on an open platform. However his demonstrated effects are great for bar gigs, and he does have a decent section in his book regarding persona and theory. His motivations maybe different but none the less, love him or hate him... he has presented some good, no words required effects that fit all your criteria. Best/worst part is you just have to dig through his YouTube channel and maybe pickup his books.
  3. In addition, if you’re allowed the use of fire- Burn by Daniel Madison due to the visual nature and recreating your own gaffs. Those can string together well with say the human chimney/jackolantern. There is also Tom Phoenix’s fire effects. Like rebirth doesn’t require a single word and leaves the spectator with a nice souvenir.

    My brain sort of defaults to most fire tricks due them not requiring much speaking and literally sparking attention.
  4. It's really hard to do effects without patter and still engage an audience thoroughly.

    However, if you still want to do this, I suggest looking into coin and ring transfers, something like Odyssey, Reflex or other ring magic that is highly visual. Some fire effects are good too. Honestly, just find whatever you think you can do without patter and try it out.

    Nearly all of Brian's effects require some sort of patter. Infact, that's kinda the entire premise behind Scam School, being able to take simple effects and apply your own patter to them. Very few, if any, are super visual tricks you can do without talking.
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  5. First thing that comes to mind for me is Sponge Balls, visual, easy to carry, and if you have a good routine, people usually love it! Also Professors Nightmare is a good visual rope trick can be done regardless of angle, if you are quick...if you like Spider Thread and Wax...I seen some need things done with cards or a dollar bill, very visual, no talking needed....
  6. I was thinking of the more carnie trick/sideshow stuff he does. Human jackolantern or chimney into a Burn gaff doesn’t really require a single word yet I feel it would have a decent impact. It’s like using Smoke except... more unhealthy and sulfur tasting!
  7. Yeah, those would work for sure. But those are more bar/party tricks, not magic tricks for the bar necessarily. I mean, it's not really a trick at all. It's just cool.
  8. I get the best reactions with Smoke 2.0. The card trick taught in the download is incredibly powerful, but the simple Portal trick is the one that just knocks people out. Pricey, but worth it!
  9. The "no patter" limitation really puts you in a box.

    If it wasn't for that I would have all kinds of suggestions such as Tom Mullica's routines that he did at his own place, The Tom-foolery Magic Bar Theater or the works of Harry Anderson* or Whit Haydn's bar routines and, of course, Doc Eason. I would probably go through their material anyway and see what you think can be adapted to your situation.

    *One of my favorite public domain books that is also pretty cheap to buy is Harry Anderson's "Games You Can't Lose, A Guide For Suckers" which includes a lot of bar bets and magic tricks that are appropriate for a bar atmosphere.
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  10. Thinking about it, ITR tricks might do well. Don’t need to say why you’re making candy float into your mouth.

    Also I really want to combine the human chimney with rebirth TNR by Tom Phoenix now that I thought about it. That’s a cool little fireplay visual.
  11. See, even there, you need to have some form of patter as to why your taking out a mint out, why your trying to make it float, etc.
  12. My job is working in bars and my gigs are almost always bars and restaurants. I use Card effects and some basic gaffs. My go to is TT, Scotch and Soda, Sponge Balls, and Ring magic. I have found that without Patter you are not going to engage with your audience as much as you can. I would suggest checking out the basics in TT because it is my go to utility with hundreds of uses. As far as cards I almost don't use any card effects other than the Invisible deck and some packet tricks like color monte or 4 kings. Hope that helps, PM me if you have any questions.
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  13. Greg Wilson has some great stuff. He has a routine using poker chips and a volunteer that is amazing. He also does a "scam" where he makes a $100 bill appear from inside a cardboard bar coaster. I know the chip routine is available but it sure if he has published the bill from coaster or if it is in one of his online lectures. Recapped is great too.

    Kayla Drescher has a lot of great bar magic including a changing beer cap routine. A lot of her work is from behind the bar as a bartender. Again, I'm not sure if this is published.

    Also, check out Doc Eason.
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  14. Another source you might want to look through could be Diamond Jim Tyler's Bamboozlers book series.

    There are three of them (and I hope he releases a fourth someday, soon), and each volume is filled with stuff that very well could work well without words.
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