BARBECUE Deck Design

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  1. Inspired by the feel of a barbecue combined with a plaid/picnic design. I plan on trying a few other versions.

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  2. Barbeque cards.... Interesting.
  3. The color palette sort of gave me that feeling. If you have a different suggestion I'm open to it ^^
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  4. I feel like these should go borderless, just my opinion though. And is that patty, beef and cheese?
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  5. Whatever you want to associate it with :)
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  6. Glad you like it ^^
  7. Looks sweet!
  8. Thanks! ^^
  9. Here's some of the other versions using the same theme
    Barbecue3Borderless.png Barbecue3Borders.png BarbecueBorderless.png
  10. Def. like the borderless ones more.
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  11. Same, I prefer the borderless one with the faded blocks variation. It looks really sharp in a fan
  12. Yea the borderless fan looks amazing!

    Btw, is it one way? I don't think it is, but I can't really tell.
  13. No, I made sure that it is the same both ways. It is by corner though, similar to the Virtuoso deck. So the top right quadrant is the same as the bottom left quadrant, while the top left quadrant is the same as the bottom right quadrant.
  14. I like 'em! If you're planning on releasing them, I do recommend a different name though.
  15. Any suggestions?
  16. Barbeque Chicken.

    With a picture of Shaq's Silhouette dunking on a chicken on the joker.
  17. Just finished the marking system, still debating other options before setting it in stone as the final system.
    If you want to figure it out yourself, take a look, explanation below

    The gray blocks/fades indicate the value of the card.
    The 4 fades surrounding the center block indicate the suit, 1 orange = spade, 2 = heart, 3 = club, 4 = diamond

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