Basic Coin Magic?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jevonsp, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I've been doing lots of card and general magic for a long time now. Never really got into coin magic.

    What are the best sources of coin magic info?
  2. This is what you want. There are some good dvds out there, but I can't recommend them because I haven't seen them.
  3. Yeah I agree. That is the Bible of coin magic. You might also want to check out Eric Jone's "Metal" series. It really looks great.
  4. I would also suggest Bobo's, it's where I started. If you prefer to learn from DVD's Metal is a good choice (as DavidTang said) but expensive, you can probably get something like David Roth coin DVD's relatively cheap these days.
  5. You should check David Stone's Basic Coin Magic Vol 1 & 2. These are two great DVDs about coin magic
  6. My main love is coin magic - it always has been and I guess it always will be.

    As already mentioned, Bobo is often referred to as the coin workers bible.

    That said, to learn some really powerful coin magic from scratch, I'd unreservedly recommend Harry Lorayne's 'The Magic Book'.

    Harry may not have the reputation as a coin worker but it was this book that fuelled my fire in coin magic way back during 1978. Even to this day, I truly believe it contains some of the best written instruction for coin magic that it's ever been my pleasure to study.
  7. Michael Vincent has a good DVD set out on Coin Magic and so does Eric Jones. Both are very good.
  8. Deff start with Bobo's but ITBTWC by Jay Noblezada and Metal by Eric Jones are also great starting points
  9. Does anyone know the coins(half dollar size) Michael Vincent use in his three coin routine?

    They are very smooth.
  10. I'm not sure, but I would start your own thread for your question, since the thread you posted in, is in regards to how to learn basic coin magic. I hope you find your answer. Good luck
  11. walking liberty silver half, soft coins
  12. French Drop may be the most basic coin magic
  13. Hi,

    If you really want to know about coin magic then please go through the DVD's which are related to coin magic.
    You can buy these DVD,s or can search from internet.
  14. Seriously, you have nothing real to say, do you?
  15. J.B. Bobo 's modern coin magic

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