Bathroom Cards?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caruso, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. ok just s quick tip, maybe kinda innapropriate but just incase

    i practice cardistry and magic everywhere, and so do many people, but when in the bathroom, mmmmmm... be carefull, u dont want to let thhe cards fall in the toilet, it will not be a pleasant event...

    just a tip,so beware
  2. Oh and if some of you do practice in the bathroom, please keep that deck to your self and wash your hands
  3. Yep, it certainly isn't nice when you drop them in.

    I've dropped half-dollars down the toilet before while practicing coin sleights.
  4. No offence, but this is a perfect example of one of the many completely pointless threads dotted about the theory11 forums.

    I think it's pretty much a given that you don't drop your cards in water - you don't really need to warn people about it.
  5. of course its pointless, its a joke man, god, come on...

    where's your humor dude?
  6. I was in the bathroom, and I dropped it in the toilet.

  7. I couldnt agree more!! Moderators please do something about these threads, maybe move them to a new category "Pointless threads"

    i am sick of them as many other magicians in here
  8. OMG whats everybodys problem here?
    why soo offensive you idiots??,
    but still caruso this is very stupid thread, not very funny.
    you guys better shut up, the mods will see if the thread is to be taken down (which it should)
    pointless thread?

    why not just a "hey man this is kinda off topic, please be on topic next post"
    gosh people like you guys piss me off, talking like that only becuase your anonymous on the web...

    i guess il go too, this is a stupid thread, it should be deleted, dont post off topic, not funny, pointless
  9. Sorry Caruso I will never touch your deck.

  10. so i've dropped a whole deck in. Don't try to do a srinigng of the cards with your eyes closed. And when practicing in the mirror, put the toilet seat down to prevent falling objects. I've had a few hot shot cuts meet their demise.
  11. two things in forums that are the worst things for aggravating me:

    1. Someone being a mini-mod. The equivalent of a hall monitor. If the moderators want to delete it, they will. Its so ridiculous when someone says "Moderators, please delete this thread". Its not up to you, stop trying to be one. If you dont like the thread, dont post on it...simple as that.

    2. The use of the words "noob" and/or "newbie"....the dumbest words ever concieved. Whatever happened to real words like newcomer, novice, new guy, rookie?

    THIS IS A VALID THREAD. Many of us practice in the bathroom, myself included. The bathroom is where the mirror is. A little tip, put a towel in the bowel of the sink...its what I do. Plus for the magicians, get some plastic cards.....they certainly arent for flourishing but doing DL's, passes, other utility moves, or just going over presentations with cards in hand when ya chillin in the water...they are great.
  12. Look at this > . Scientists have recently discovered that squares are POINTLESS.
  13. If you don't like the thread, why post? Same thing goes for the creator of the thread If you think they make terrible threads just ignore them.
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    Funny thread... I got a giggle out of this one... giggle... see!

    This post has been edited, thanks to all of the awesome and uber cool magic kiddos here at Theory11. Your advice and professionalism regarding my many postings here on this site has been invaluable....
  15. go ASHLEY!!!!!

    thanks, although i didnt get the long paragraph u posted, but u said never mind that so o well....

    Go ASHLEY!!
  16. Haha I would take it out of the toilet.

    But Prince, you need to chill man. If you don't like those words, most of the time people say them in forums. And in forum threads. You can usually screen them out. Just ignore it. Not everyone hates it and there's that old saying
    You can't change others but you can change yourself.
  17. yes I agree.....but for someone to post about how useless a post is....well...pretty useless......

    i dont think i need to already chill.....i never said everyone everyone hates just saying that mini-mod-ing and calling everyone noobs aggravates ME....and is not very good for group dynamic.

    and yes made entirely from plastic are great for the tub and shower....thats what i meant when i said chillin in the water.....but i dont think id bring them for an actual bath....maybe just one for relaxation. HA, but once they are wet they pretty much become a solid block of plastic when ya try to fan them.
  18. princehidalgo= n00b.


    On a serious note i don't practice in the bathroom anymore. Not because of water damage but because the cabinetry in there sits just enough off the ground that a card can, and nine times out of ten will, slip under. Man is that annoying.

  19. WHAT? hahahahah

  20. Who granted you the permission to speak like that to other forum members?
    You really know the right words to support your opinion, that´s for sure!

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