Battle Me Newb A Bit

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by towtox, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. ok want to battle im an 8 month magician comment if u want to battle
    Wat trick I suck at flourish so a magic trick ?? Maby Any trick With A Reversal any kind but it need to be on camera all the time

  2. I have footage of Red Hot Mama i haven't posted yet.
  3. nice ur the church kid right how he walked away??
  4. Uh, yeah, because THAT'S how i want people remembering me...:p
  5. oh sorry lol and u want to battle?
  6. I guess, what effect?
  7. umm we dont have to but anything where the specs card is easly found samwitch, reversal, ect
  8. Do you have Red Hot Mama?
  9. NoPE!

  10. uh... hmm... that;s my favorite.:p you have an acr?
  11. oh ya i have many my favorite is this one i made or i could do a really awsome E one frum ninja 1 or 2??
  12. Does it have to be new footage?
  13. no i made new but no just good quality like not laggy webcam!
  14. Who decides the winner?
  15. umm i will get my bud to help ok? i battled him once before so his username is YRAMagicMan
  16. gfdf

  17. This is me performing my acr for various people, but at the beginning it's red hot mama.

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    whos ur lady friend(like ur sis or sumthing)??? Huh lol is that ur house???
  19. BAHAHAHAHA, that's at my church! and no, she isn't my sister, or my girlfriend for that matter..
  20. oh lol sdffasj'[oi]pifjspfgkdskjdsladfkjsa'l

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