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    Based on popular demand, I will try to think of an improved concept of the "magic video collab".

    More information may be found here:

    Okay guys, here are the guidelines:

    Click the pic

    Happy filming!

    What kind of magic can you do in 15 seconds?

    Simple transposition

    What can you guys add to the list?

    I'm a fan of magical video collaborations. I helped creating two of them:

    Magicians Unite!
    Magicians Reunited!

    But for the next one, I have a new approach.
    • No "storyline", but still a connecting element.
    • Shorter! Like ten to fifteen seconds short for each clip.
    • Magic, Manipulation or Cardistry. Not just cards, any kind of Magic counts.

    The more, the merrier! I will post this on two other of the bigger magic communitys too.

    My question is: would you like to be part of that? It would be AWESOME! :D

    Okay, I'll get the guidelines video ready this week, if not tomorrow.

    Oh boy, I hope we can make this happen!

    PS: Wait for the guidelines video before you start shooting!
  2. I was in the last one, and would love to be in this one!
  3. Well, this would be a mix of both Cardistry and Magic. Are you in? ;)
  4. Nah, I would rather have a sepaerate one because I don't want to mix them. We wouldn't want magicians picking the best cardistry videos and the cardists to pick the best magician's video. Best to seperate them and focus on one at a time. So can you withdaw the cardistry part of the magician's video? Thanks.
  5. Sounds interesting, I would love to help.
  6. I should clarify...because of the clips shortness, we wouldn't need voting, we could literally include each appropiate clip. So it's less of a contest than a collaboration.
  7. I'm confused, can you reword that? Why would their be a contest?
    P.S: Look at your Private Messages, maybe that can help you clear things up.
  8. Sure, count me in.

    Btw, how many magic can you present in 10 - 15 seconds?
  9. Urgh, excuse my english...

    -ultra short clips (10-15 secs)
    -everyone gets in (based on a few guidelines)

    I think what you want to accomplish is more of a "best of", right?

    How long does a color change take? Yes, it would have to be some quick, visual stuff, not whole routines.
  10. I think he's saying that this is not a contest. Any decent magic or cardistry video will be included.
  11. I'm still confused. But can you PLEASE take off the cardistry section?
  12. When would the video be due? Im askin to see because I am considerin joining all depends if i can get a new camcorder. Lemon bird, chill, I think cardisrty AND magic can be shown together, both are beautiful in there own rights...each need to be that pple who veiw think magic is so much more than flourishing an fancy can be woven to create a new breed of magic
  13. Man, why not put cardistry videos there? jesus, get some love.
  14. Why would there be a contest? Picking the best is not a contest!:confused:
  15. Count me in timury :).
  16. I don't think he's picking the best videos. Any decent magic or cardistry video will be included in the full collaboration video. Am I correct Timury?
  17. I hope you guys get my point.:(
  18. Okay, please forget that I said "contest". You want a "best of", right?

    I mean we would include every appropiate video.

    Why should I take out cardistry? Isn't this world big enough for a pure cardistry video AND a magic, manipulation and cardistry video?
  19. I admire your point, but I don't think you are thinking in my point of view. I was REALLY excited in asking people to make a Cardistry Collaboration video every month and I posted it in the cardistry section.But then I saw yours and its going to knock the cardistry collaboration out.:(

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