Beautiful Insanity.

Mar 5, 2012
Greetings Earthlings!

I have a new video up of me performing a few of my favourite card effects.

Obviously the performances aren't 'perfect' or whatever that means so any feedback or thoughts or improvements is appriciated.

Thanks :)
-Alfie x

Oct 16, 2010
Blacksburg, VA
On Play it Straight, you flashed the clubs when going to split the cards into the four piles. I would suggest just casually riffling through the back of the pack until you get the necessary suit instead of spreading through and showing the faces of the cards to the spectators. In Kick back kings it looked like after you put the selection back into the deck that you spread off the kings as well as the next top card and lifted them off the top of the deck slightly. I suggest getting a break under all the necessary cards after you place the selection back into the deck. This way, you don't spread the kings off the deck, place them back and then remove them again. Other than that, the effects looked really good and punken droker had me fooled.

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