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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xaykogeki, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I don't know if this is posted already....I tried searching and nothing came out

    I just bought a Bee Club Special on a hobby store last week. I showed my friend the cards, and he questioned the card regarding the back design. It has the wynn's back design.

    the photo:

    We were wondering if this is okay, or I bought something fake, or anything.
  2. They look to me like Brown Wynns,

    Infact I would put money on it.

    Interesting they were at a Hobby Store though!
  3. how much did you pay? they look legit.
  4. P595 Pesos. or hmm..$11.9
  5. Thats an ok price, I wouldnt complain!

    How do they feel?
  6. ohhh..they feel good. I like it better than my tally-ho.
  7. I'm the one he showed the cards too. We're kind of just wondering why it was in a Bee Playing Card box.
  8. Forget my question. I just looked at the playing card section. I never knew they really come in bee boxes.
  9. Nice find:)
  10. Those are wynns and are no longer being made. If I were you, I'd go back to that story and buy the rest.

  11. Yeah me too. I cant believe your getting them for 12 bucks in PI. Thats a great price.
  12. We're going to do just that.
  13. They're in a Bee box because they are made by Bee. All casino cards are made by bee. This is just a different design.

  14. Now I understand. Thanks.
  15. I bought a brick of Brown Wynns from Theory 11 for around $70 after tax and shipping, not bad! I've opened 2 packs, and gave 1 away as a gift.

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