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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Just a quick note that we are completely sold out of the first run of our Bee® Stingers playing cards. The Second Edition of the deck is currently in production and expected in 2-4 weeks.

    We will keep you posted!
  2. I was never a fan, but I knew a lot of people really liked them. I'm not surprised they sold out.
  3. What can we expect to see from the Second Edition?
  4. That was fast.
  5. Glad I got mine while I had the chance. Actually got my hands on them monday.
  6. Damn. I bought a brick just like a week ago. Just in time i guess
  7. Dang.... I was going to buy one next week... Gezzzzzz...
  8. Second Edition will the same as the frist ?
  9. Will this deck be produced all the time? Like Guardians and Cents?

  10. Are the 2nd Edition stingers going to look any different than the first edition?
  11. Yes, it will.

    There may be minor changes to the finish, but I don't think there will be any changes to the design.
  12. Well, darnit. I was hoping the design would be different, because the unopened first editions would be worth more lol.
  13. I still have a deck of these in my cart..... I wonder....
  14. Its been 4 week now. Any updates?
  15. I only have 2 more un-opened 1st editions. I don't think changes would make these cards better, they're already extremely good and feel like a dream. Probably will not purchase 2nd edition Stinger's. I don't want to feel the dissapointment.
  16. Really? I don't know. I haven't really read the reviews, but is it just me, or did anyone else hate the Stingers with a passion? They were easily the worst USPCC deck of cards (made for magicians... well, including regular bikes) I've ever handled. Two unopened decks here and I don't plan on ever using them.
  17. I go through a reg. deck in 3 days, and then they are shot to s**t. These lasted me 3 weeks (Same deck)...
  18. I opened a Stingers deck, and they were completely useless for magic within 2 hours of practice. Bent, completely unable to handle, couldn't fan, utterly warped, so much so that it was the size of 1 and a half decks sitting flat on the table (i say flat... it was too bent to sit flat on the table). I couldn't do a double because the cards were so irregularly bent, couldn't do an elmsley cause they stopped sliding.

    I wouldn't normally criticise a deck of cards but they were just so shockingly bad.
  19. That is very bizarre.... Hmmm... Welp, they were great to me! I do some rigorous crap and they lasted.
  20. praetoritevong - sounds like you got a lemon deck; no idea what could have caused that, but certainly not representative of the quality that these have (rather) consistently shown.

    The second edition STINGERS will be in house VERY soon. We made some minor but noticeable changes in the feel and finish that we think will prove to be an improvement over the previous supply. More details will be posted once we get the final product in hand and tested.

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