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  1. hey everybody i am new to card magic and and i have been watching the royal road to card magic DVD series by Paul Wilson i don't have the book but the DVDs help me out a lot. now here are my questions after i get done with the royal road i was thinking about getting the tricks DVD by Dan and Dave is this a good step to make or is there something else out there that is good for after the royal road DVD any advice will help also i but i've been doing cardistry for two years and i'm pretty dexterous would that help with card magic and or sleights
    and yes i know guys this is a very long sentence HA HA HA

  2. Okay so you are new.... Don't get the dan and dave DVD. They will be too hard and complex. I recommend you get the biddle trick from theory11, an invisible deck, a triumph routine and, if you really want a challenge, get vector by patrick kun which isn't too hard but requires time and patience.
  3. I'd highly recommend getting the Royal Road book to supplement what you're learning from the DVDs. That way, you'll begin to get used to learning magic from books (a skill you'll definitely want to develop as you progress in magic) with the safety-net of the DVDs in case you feel that you need to see the techniques and tricks performed.

    After you've got everything in Royal Road down, get Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue (who also wrote Royal Road). Buy a third edition if you can find it, as it has a couple of extra chapters. Third editions in print are fairly scarce but I believe the eBook version sold by is taken from the third edition, so has the extra content. You don't necessarily have to master everything out of Expert Card Technique but you'll find a lot of good material in there and it'll definitely open your eyes to what's possible with cards and give you ideas about where you want to take your magic.

    Then, get The Expert at the Card Table by S W Erdnase. I don't think there is a single card magician (who's worthy of the name) who doesn't count this as one of the most important books in the history of card work. It's not exactly easy, but once you start to get to grips with the sleights, tricks and, more importantly, the thinking and subtleties described by Erdnase, you'll be very glad you did.

    After you're familiar with the material out of these three books you won't be a beginner any more, and you won't need anyone's advice about where to go next.
  4. oh my god this helps me out so much thanks guys i will definitely get these books and thanks for all the advice you guys rock
  5. An advice of a master:

    I think the bold thing is very important. Buying more and more material is contra-productive, especially in the beginning.
  6. I once got this email from an interested student of magic:

    My response was virtually identical to Darwin's. It was:

    I'm pleased to see that my advice parallels Darwin's advice.

  7. this is so good to know Jason and Chris thank you very much guys for the great advice
  8. Uhhh - What Darwin and Jason said.

    I own too many books that I don't reference often enough. Card College 1 and 2 (and recently 3) are my go-to card magic books. Any time I need a move for a situation it's in one of these books and explained very clearly. Don't skip the forwards and history of cards, very interesting read.

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