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  1. hey everyone, ive been flourishing for about a month now and i was wondering if anyone with some experience could give me some tips.
    I recently bought d+ms dangerous set, mostly because im a huge fan of D+M.
    The flourishes arent terribly hard, and i think im doing pretty well for the amount of time ive been flourishing.

    a few questions.

    1 what are the best cards to use?
    2 to much practice? I basicly never put a deck down, even now im doing one handed cuts while typing. but im starting to get cramps in my hand
    anyone had this problem?

    other then then that any advice would be great

  2. The best cards are thin and stiff cards.

    The ideal example are jerries nuggets which sell on ebay as much as $200

    The most affordable cards that have these attributes are red or blue tally ho's
    you can get these at

    I always stick with bicycle cards because they are everywhere and you don't have to pay for shipping.

    As for the practicing... if you keep up with the way you're going... practicing 24/7... your hands'll get used to the stress but what I would do is give a day break...

    And by a day break, I mean just put all of your cards in a box and forget about them so there's no possible way you can 'accidentally' pick up a deck
  3. ive heard the tallys were good, ill look into getting some of those.

    thanks for the advice
  4. I think Tally Ho Circle Backs are honestly the best deck. Personally I use it for flourishing. The best time for you to put the deck down if you practise over 3+ hours or else your fingers will seriously get cramps, but you will get used to it. I wish you luck on the progress.
  5. d+M flourishes is didn't hard if you can do Rev-cut,Sybil
    I always use Tally-ho to perform it :)
  6. If you can do the revolution cut invest in the system, but to your questions.

    Get some Q1 tallies from fullboatdealer, he has a awesome sale on them right now.

    No such thing as too much practice, don't think of it as practice, and set time to practice. Just when you are in the mood, you will pick them up.
  7. well that pretty much settles it, gota get tallys haha.

    I can do the sybil pretty well, the rev cut is giving me some trouble.
    where is the rev cut best taught?
    i saw it on youtube, should i just keep working on it?

    thanks for the advice guys, i will keep practicing.
  8. jok3r: YES, there IS such a thing as too much practice.

    If your hand is hurting, stop. If you find yourself going over the same motions again and again - especially if you just can't do it! - stop, put the deck down, call up some mates and go to the beach or something, or watch TV, or get that extra sleep you've been meaning to get. Pick it up again later. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen, and sometimes, you just get too tired, so definitely take time out to stop sometimes, although in general - constant practice is good.
  9. what about db split spades and bee wynn? or guardians and dd smoke and mirrors?
    would those be worth getting?

    im really looking to buy a certain deck in bulk

  10. that sounds like a plan to me, thanks for the help.
    when you say it just doesnt happen, do you mean i should put the deck down and pick it up later and try the move again?
  11. Try using bicycle rider backs for practice. Couple of reasons for this:

    1. They're cheap. I bought a brick of them for $12 or so.

    2. They're decent for pretty much everything - glossy enough for fanning, hold well enough for cuts, etc...
  12. Trust me, flourishes are a lot more harder than you think. You need to be smooth, fast, creative, patient, etc.

    Try to film yourself. It's gonna be really hard to get it perfect at the first take. If you practice a lot in 1 year, then you'll be good (depends one the guy/girl xD).

    Try to get your own style. Don't be a fanboy of anybody(D4N13L_M4D1S0N). It's getting annoying to us and it's nothing original.

    I think that's all I gotta say. And beware of the hype of all these magic shops;)
  13. To be honest - decks are a matter of personal preference. Mine are S&M, and my least favourite are Guardians - but this will change from person to person. My recommendation if you really wanna find just one, like I have S&M, get 1 of each, try them all out. Each feels different, each has different qualities and of course different aesthetics. I'd say they're pretty well all worth getting, just that my preferences - S&M > Wynns > SS > Guardians will be very different to yours (probably).

    By it just doesn't happen, I mean, if you're trying to learn something, a particular part of a flourish that you're just not getting or something, something you can't learn or just can't do, that's exactly right, just put it down, leave it for at least a day, maybe a few days, and come back to it again later.
  14. well trust me i dont think there easy, im trying to learn some of other peoples flouishes. so i can have a foundation to create my own.
    but even in doing that, i still say theirs nothing really new under the sun
  15. ah gotcha, thanks for the advice
  16. if you really love it dont stop

    if you really love it keep on doing it i practice about 6 to 8 hours a day and 10 to 12 on weekends i take cardistry flourishing and magic books and dvds like a second bible and dan and dave to me are like a second coming if you know what i mean lol but if its what you love do it as much as you want. plus your fingers not your hand has to get used to bending and stretching like that . it is your tendons that make it feel like its in your hand. i googled it
    best of luck

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