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  1. Greetings,

    I am new to card magic. Ever since I was little I've always loved sleight of hand magicians especially those work with cards.

    I've read through several forums recently about getting started with card magic and a lot of it has been helpful. I recently picked up the traditional literature such as RRTCM, ECT, and EATCT. Currently working through RRTCM.

    I am more of a visual learner and was looking for recommendations for a streaming or dvd series on sleights and card tricks. I know there is ton of information especially on youtube but I would like something with more structure if that exists.

    I appreciate everyones insight and looking forward to connecting with everyone!
  2. I think the 5 DVDs Set Royal Road to Card Magic by Paul Wilson will be an excellent companion for the study of your book.

    Good luck ;)
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  3. I second Ullises post. And may I add Roberto Giobbi's card college DVDs. I like to think of it like this: the Royal Road DVDs are like a crash course in card magic at a community college, and Giobbi's DVD is like a grad school class.
  4. Visual or not... going through those books will only make you a better performer and magician.
    The books have more little tips and hints no DVD could cover.
    In this age of video and online instruction... you can't forget the power of the written word.
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  5. I second the recommendation for Roberto Giobbi's "Personal Instruction" Card College 1 & 2 video course. This was originally sold as a set of 4 DVDs, but is now available directly from him as a digital download via his website in 23 individual chapters/lessons for €4.95 each, or you can the entire set as a package for a heavily discounted price of €49.95 [link].

    If you're just starting out with learn the basics of card magic, you'll be glad to know that the first lesson (over half an hour of video instruction) is currently available in entirety for free. It is solid stuff - even though I've been doing card magic for many years, I learned some helpful tips from it. Grab it for free here:

    Lesson 1: Fundamental Techniques [link]


    I've just posted a longer write-up about the entire course here:
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  6. I'd like to add that Lybrary has the Card College books in E-Book format bundled with Giobbi's helpful videos. They are not the same as his DVD series, but if you're looking for something in the middle you get the full print version of the book in PDF format along with videos to help with the moves and positions described.
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  7. I suggest stick with the books as a gudline and use YouTube to look up the moves. Then just be patient and keep practicing :)
  8. Actually, visual learners learn best from books and diagrams and prefer written instructions to oral instructions.

    I am a visual learner. I have an amazing ability to remember most everything that I read. There is something about reading a sleight in book and putting it into motion that involves difficult thinking. When reading a book like Card College I actually can feel my brain processing the instructions. Once I read it and go through the motions, I find that my brain works out the sleight in a way that looks and feels right.
  9. True that...

    Juuuuuust saying...sometimes magicians use the words ''visual learner'' as an excuse to stay away from books in general. But (altho I dunno if I am the proverbial visual learner) most of my problems with DVDs and videos are that the instructions aren't in-depth. And if they ARE in depth, it is really tiring to keep going back in the video to a particular instruction you want to re-hear.
    Written instructions are so much more easier to follow, with correct diagrams obviously. But I guess videos do come in when you need to learn what the sleight *looks* like.
  10. I started with Roberto Giobbi's Card College set. By going through the first two volumes you will learn alot of sleight of hand, but if you want to start learning more advanced tricks and sleights you should read all five.
  11. I recommend to keep banging away at those books...if you need to see a sleight in motion just to see what it should look like, try looking for a performance video online. As far as the mechanics and such, stick with the books. (I also need to follow my own advice on that one.)
  12. Heartily agreed - this is super stuff. The Card College 1 & 2 video set (also available as a digital download) is the perfect place for the beginner to master the fundamentals of card magic.

    I have just posted a more detailed review with information about it here:


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