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  1. Hello everyone,
    Back when I was in High school There was a foreign exchange student that was in to magic but didn't know where to start. I wanted to help him out but couldn't because I didn't know where he should start either. Now my question is, What are the best moves to show a beginner? He lives in the Middle East and I want to send him a list of stuff he should learn
  2. A Few Things

    I recommend you send him a list of books he should read. Think about what you did when you first started out in magic. You should also give him a list of websites that he can visit such as THEORY11.
  3. royal road. i recommend it to any beginner.
  4. I will second Mark Wilson's Complete Course, Josh Jay's Complete Course, Royal Road, or Tarbell which now is on ebay as an entire PDF - all 8 volumes for $4.00
  5. I'm hopinging that's not a right back....

    ...43 seconds later...

    ...oh my god it's not!!! Thanks man.
  6. I do not enjoy the fact that the entire Tarbell course is available for $4. Maybe I'm just greedy and wnat it all to myself...

    I Third Mark Wilson's Complete Course.

  7. Wow i cant believe it sold for $4...:(
  8. The Tarbell Course is still outstanding but with the digital can get anything so cheaply. Think about can download the entire Tarbell Course for $4.00 and load it into an Amazon Kindle and have enough magic reading for a lifetime.

    Yesterday I was at a magic auction and a used set of Tarbell 1-7 only went for $60.00.
  9. That 4 dollar Tarbell course is disheartening.

    I'll stick with the real books though, not the PDF downloads.

    As far as material for's been said. Mark Wilson and Josh Jay have great beginner books, Royal Road to Card Magic is a great starting point with tons of information.
  10. Modern Coin Magic by JB Bobo
  11. OMG!! it´s true!!! crap!!! I spend like 60$ for mine....

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