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  1. I need some different points of view about this. I have been performing my magic for about a month now, I usually do a magic tricks for some people at school but I just don't like the school environments because I am always having to hide my deck so the teacher doesn't see it and if a teacher walks by right as I am about to finish a trick then I have to stop the trick and then it's not even fun to finish the trick after she walks off because the person has already forgot what happened. So I am wanting to start actually going to some places to perform magic and I was wondering for some ideas of were to start. I have already thought of the mall but I think it would be soliciting but I am not sure. I just need some ideas of were to go so I can start performing, instead of school.

    Thanks a lot :D
  2. I understand not wanting to perform at school, but don't toss it away so carelessly.
    Maybe perform after school, or off of school grounds (if you're allowed off grounds that is)
    But other places I would recomend would be:

    -The mall, you said that you were worried about it being considered soliciting, so I would check in with the management before doing anything there.
    -Outside of the movie theatres
    -A restaurant, it's a good place, but only if you think that you can perform your effects flawlessly and your performance is really good, and again, check with the management before hand
    -A flea market could be a good place
    -If you have a promenade in your area, or just kind of a spot where lots of people go to hang out
    -Dinner parties can be good, because alot of times you know most of the people there, so you should be more relaxed

    Whereever you perform, just check with the authority figures (whether it be someones house, or the mall) and make sure it's ok with them.
  3. The Mall:
    -I find the mall an excellent place to perform, you can almost always except to attract a large crowd, but watch out for security, you will attract shoppers away from stores which is not what the mall wants. If this happens, get permission from the mall to perform.

    When performing with a video camera at the mall make sure to get permission from your spectators to have their faces seen, this goes for any place where you are filming.

    The good old streets:
    -The streets are personally my favourite place to perform. You can walk up to anyone. Although watch out for people in a rush, they will ignore you and treat you like you have 3 heads. Remember do approach with a calm tone and be very nice.

    The train, metro, bus or subway:
    -Don't expect to get a large crowd here, people will want to keep their seats. Only perform when it isn't jam packed with people, or else you will have quite a tough time performing. The one downer about performing on the train, metro or subway is that you might fall over as well as your cards, so take caution.

    Movie Theaters:
    -I strongly suggest not to perform here, I have gotten kicked out many times and I found it very hard to get permission here, if you can get permission, you will be happy here, people waiting for movies can tend to get bored.

    -Restaurants are a great place to perform because the customers will be bored while they are waiting for their food. But you will DEFINITELY need permission to perform here, you probably will even get paid if the owner accepts, that isn't too shabby now is it!?

  4. Alright, thanks for the replies. I think I will try a public park, does that seem like a good place?
  5. It's alright, but parents will usually be watching their kids play and may not have time to watch someone else.

  6. You can also perform for the kids, but there's always a nice old couple in the park, some nannies, or some speed walkers, who always appreciate a good trick or two.

    Also, there are a lot of people available so even if some people reject your performing a trick for them, you have a vast amount of options available; and, if you mess up, you'll never see them again, so it's good practice.

    I would suggest staying away from dogs, as they seem to have an craving for drooling on cards. :D


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