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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, May 7, 2008.

  1. Check it out:

    This routine is so well thought out, so powerful, so simple, and so much fun to perform >> on top of all of that, Joel is a great teacher and the bonuses taught on the DVD can be used in MANY routines.

    Tearing the cards certainly won't fit everyone's style, but those of you who do tear / sign cards during performance, Believe will be a great addition to your set.
  2. Cool, looks great.

    Can't believe it's impromptu!
  3. Woooo, that looks clean. Impromptu you say? I'm stumped.

  4. Can you show your hand empty after doing the change?
  5. yeah that looks awsome!
  6. thank you Wayne

    thank you, Wayne. The effect looks brilliant! My congrats to Joel Paschall for releasing a cool effect. I wish him great success with it.

  7. In all honesty, this is probably the only effect ever that I have wanted to get right away.

    I am uncharacteristically excited!
  8. hey wayne. I sent you a private message a few days back. Not sure if you had a chance to take a look at it. Thanks
  9. Is it freakin filmed in California Magic?! Thats awesome dude!!!!!
  10. Questions like this really boggle my mind. I am not picking on you Aris but I have seen these types of questions every single time something is released, regardless of who is releasing it. Don't get me wrong questions are fine but I am pretty sure you know there is some sleight work involved in magic and parts of a routine often involve drawing a spectators attention away from what you don't want them to see or something you want to hide from them. Questions like this dig at the method for how it is done because you are essentially trying to check off things you can't do in order to figure out how it is done.

    Forgive me if I answer a question with a question. Do you have some sort of special requirement in your magic that forces you to show your hands open? If David Roth taught you how to do an effect utilizing the classic palm of a coin would you dismiss it because you can't show your hands open throughout the routine?

    I think there was some sort of checklist handed out in secret many moons ago that people immediately question when a new effect is released. Same thing happened with Prophet. "Bleh, if I can't show every bill openly and cleanly and hand them out for inspection this will suck!".

    Even if you can't show your hands empty I am pretty darn sure that Joel has structured the effect in such a way that it works and the heat isn't where you are worried about it being. Something to keep in mind is that these guys are working professionals who are releasing audience tested effects. I would bet my next paycheck that Joel didn't come up with this sitting on the can and fire off a YouTube video to Wayne and viola!....we have Believe! (disclaimer: Joel may have come up with this on the can but the sequence of events following is extremely unlikely).

    The demo video really gives you everything you need to know from a spectators viewpoint (for those saying the entire routine isn't shown). What would be the point of showing everything? So you can reverse engineer the effect and avoid paying for it? If you want the magicians viewpoint you are going to need to buy the DVD or download.

    *steps off the soapbox*
  11. ^ Very well said. Such questions bother me also.
  12. jimbow is completely right.

    In case others haven't yet figured this out (I don't mean to sound offensive when saying this btw :p), the teasers Theory11 and other magic sites release are meant to gain your interest. It is the effect that matters, NOT the method. When you are performing magic, your spectators will remember certain things, these videos highlight those parts (and quite elegantly if I might add). So who cares if you can't show your hands clean, I am 100% sure that if that is the case, you will be taught how to avoid attacting heat to the wrong places.

    Btw, I think this is the first time EVER that I have figured out a trick by watching the promo video 50 times :D I had an idea, and I just tried it and it completely worked. I have no clue if its the same method, but damn, if it is what I am thinking, then that is brilliant. If I did discover the correct method, then I only got it because the preview video was available. Otherwise, I never would have thought of it. I think some of the hints give it away. Mostly "so simple" - That word is what triggered the concept in my head.

    I'm gonna buy it anyways though, at least for the entertainment value. T11 videos are better than hollywood movies in the theaters now days, so much fun to watch.
  13. Simple and Straight forward
    Seems to be quite hard hitting to spectators!
    Most experience magicians will be able to figure it out or have their own methods to it. I too have an idea. But who cares about that
    Looks promising and was quite amazed when i first saw it. :)
    I'm gonna buy it :cool:
  14. Looks fun. :) However, aren't most double lifts already done with one hand?:p

  15. at 1:06 of the video you can see the corner of the card under his fingers

    so you arnt left completely clean, but this should be fine, with enough misdirection you can clean up easy
  16. @ Phenomena - Nah, that is just the webbing inbetween his fingers :p
  17. Yeah, that's correct.
  18. interesting effect. the video edits tell exactly how its done though.
  19. that is exactly what i thought but after looking at it again i figured it wasn't.

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