Ben Earl - Past Midnight Vol. 2

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  1. hey Guys,

    I was wondering what type of bottom deal Ben Earl uses in his "Past Midnight" volume 2. Dvd. He doesn't explain it, so can someone watch it and tell me?

  2. Ben teaches a bottom deal, which is a variation from the classic Erdnase BD.
    Or what do you mean ? Name the part where he does it.
  3. Believe it or not, he actually explains it in the section entitled "bottom deal."
  4. Shocking..
  5. Well you guys sure are helpful :rolleyes:

    He does say which he uses and does explain it rather briefly as you're expected to have a basic understanding of the bottom deal.

    I believe the one he uses (please correct me if I'm wrong) is the strike bottom deal with a kind of modified erdnase grip. I need to practice this because it is very nice indeed. I did it once one time and it was the most impressive bottom deal I'd ever done... I'm useless at false dealing, so that should be a testament. :p

    - Sean
  6. Also, dribbling the cards and leaving them slightly sloppy aids in the action of the bottom deal...

    (Before anyone goes off at me for "exposing" - it's in the damn trailer...)
  7. It's such a little thing but it does indeed aid the deal. Really nice little thing there. Do not skip over it. ;) :D

    - Sean

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