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  1. Just seen Bending the Real by Jay Sankey at The Merchant of Magic ( Looks like a new psychological direction for Sankey? Looking at the REAL work as opposed to just tricks.

    He talks about the project and

    'Bending' is about creating dream moments, inspiring people to open their eyes - It's a cool idea.

    As for the content, the DVD has a large collection of ‘bending tips’ + the techniques and 25 'bends' from as many different psychological angles as possible. There are visual ends, audio bends, tactile bends and conceptual bends.

    Because bending celebrates deception as a social activity, the bends reflect a fascinating range of social functions. suggests, such as flirting, impressing, confusing, amusing, shocking and more.

    He defines his 'bends' as ‘dropping the inexplicable’ into an everyday situation, with stuff you would normally find lying around at school, work, a house party, diner, coffee shop, etc.

    The Merchant of Magic is giving a second, limited edition, bonus booklet of short essays and effects with pre-orders.

    Certain kinds of information are better suited to different mediums. So, while the bending tips and the techniques to the 25 bends work well on video, my more in-depth thinking around the psychology and philosophy of bending is better suited to the printed word.

    Here are some of the subjects discussed;

    *Ways of drawing attention to a bend without saying a word
    *Sharing a bend without trying to ‘get’ anything
    *How to really greet other people
    *What to say when they ask ‘How did you do it?’
    *Ah, Ha and Aha (3 profound experiences)
    *The power of surprise
    *Bending as a form of reminding
    *Connecting through shock
    *Non-Framing and avoiding suspicion
    *Witnessing rather than performing
    *Mystery as a social activity
    *Tightropes and waterfalls
    *How, Why and What (questions raised by surprise)

    I've never been a massive Sankey fan in the past, but this looks really interesting.. Thoughts people?

  2. this looks like an amazing project, i hope i can find a canadian provider. (so i dont have to pay a brokerage fee upon shipping)
  3. Jay Sankey is Canadian.. He's from Toronto... haha..

    So just go to and order from him lol
  4. I love his book, "Beyond Secrets" and if the dvd is anything like it. I know I will enjoy having it on my exclusive bookshelf meant only for magic.
  5. I get the feeling that Jay created the term "bend." I might be totally wrong, but it seems like a gimmicky thing he is trying to do.

    Now that being said, I have no doubt that the magic will be great. Jay always releases quality products (at least in my experience), and I am sure Bending the Real will be the same. It looks really interesting to me.
  6. yeah, i realized that a few hours later, lmao. after hours of looking through all his products to see what else i wanted to get (anything over 50$ is free shipping) i just threw bending the real into my shopping cart, to see JUST how much the shipping would cost me.... 4$, i was like "uuuum..... what the f'OOOOOHH IIII remember NOW!!! he's in TORONTO!! :)
  7. Has anyone got it yet ? Any reviews ?
  8. It will be released on April 26. Only PRE-ORDERED "Bender" will get a bonus booklet of the essay. So, get it while you last. :)
    The psychological idea in Bending The Real is amazing. :)
  9. I ordered this directly from Sankey Magic and have been nothing but disappointed. It wasn't shipped until 2 weeks after he confirmed shipment, and arrived without either the booklet or the pre-order bonus. Some emails went unanswered, others gave false info. I was told week before last that the missing items would be shipped asap, but they still haven't arrived. The product may prove worthwhile but the Sankey store and support have certainly let me down.
  10. I only read bad reviews from people I trust. I´m glad I passed on that one. Seems like an awful production and the whole concept of a 'bend' is just for the sake of 'creating' something new, which isn`t even new at all !
    It`s getting old and boring. Someone has said for every excellent Sankey product there are 9 other productions of him that are inferior. I agree. I really like him, but he should limit his output tremendously and concentrate on the good stuff.

  11. Pretty much, this isn't really a "magic" DVD. it's just Sankey trying to make more money buy conning people into buying a DVD with a new title. Most of the stuff on it is just pranks and bar gags (that are already up on youtube and have been for years before this was released.)
  12. You know that VERY old illusion, with two curved-halves and when you place them next to each other and one appears larger than the other, but they're actually the same size? Well, basically that's one the DVD, but Sankey claims he "made it more practical" by pretending to stretch one half to appear larger... really, is that the best he has NOW?! :\
  13. Is that true?!! what the heck is he thinking?!!!
  14. Like it's been stated the majority of the things on the DVD are just bar gags and pranks. Sankey tends to be really creative, the problem is that he doesn't test ANYTHING he puts out anymore. I'm sure when he used to work professionally he used to test stuff all the time before releasing it. It's just that now days he will release a DVD with 10-20 things on it, and maybe 2-3 things on the DVD will be mediocre. This DVD however... Is just him releasing bar gags and pranks. Which is a bad idea because of this stuff isn't worth spending the 20-30 bucks on a poorly made DVD to learn.

    The other thing is that you can actually see the majority of the things up on his youtube page made for the DVD.

    The main problem with him is that he lacks the ability to think practically anymore. You can be extremely creative and also create things that are super practical. Garret Thomas does that and I am pretty sure the guy tends to audience test everything he puts out, years before even consider releasing it. Sankey no longer does that.

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