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  1. hi
    I was wondering where I could learn this acaan trick. I just saw it on the emc and wanted to know where I could learn it.
  2. It is being released in The Berglas Effect by Richard Kauffman. Harbound book and includes 3 DVDs for $125.00
  3. cool!! is there another book or dvd that contains this effect that is less expensive by chance?
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    AFAIK the book is your only chance and it was never published before.

    Be warned:
    Quote from John Carey:
    If you`re looking for a straightforward, easy and fast method for the Holy Grail, you will be dissapointed. Don`t buy the book just for the method, buy it if you want a look inside the mind of Mr.Berglas.
  5. There are many version of the ACAAN plot already on the market, but if you want the one that was performed, you will have to pay that amount. Pure quality doesn't come cheap.
  6. ok thanks. so I guess I'll just perform a few more shows and save up for this book.
  7. Lu Chen did his own version. I'm not sure that method is in "The Berglas Effects."
  8. Hey bro, there's this ACAAN in which the SPECTATOR COUNTS THE CARDS, it's super easy, it's cheap (10$) and quite strong, it's Chris Mayhews CAANDY, check it out on vanishingincmagic
  9. Is EMC going good really dissapointed that I could not get a pass?
  10. looks cool but I really perfer not to touch the cards much like Lu Chen.
  11. The emc is awesome. Sorry you couldn't get a pass. For next year buy it early.
  12. you can find the the berglas effect in
    his book Mind & Magic of David Berglas pg. 527
    i dont know if the book is still in print i had found a copy
    about a year ago in a used book store for $3
  13. In the Berglas book, David explains the differences between CAAN and the Berglas effect, one stressed point being that he doesn't touch the deck before or after, whereas in most CAAN/ACAAN pieces the deck is handles before and after. I think that the Berglas Effects is a good read if you've got no work or understanding about the CAAN plot, but imo is worth a resell once the book goes out of print.
  14. You lucky duck.
  15. Just as a side note, I was chatting informally after the event tonight with Bill Kalush, Dan and Dave, Eric Mead, Mike Caveney. Lu Chen's performance fooled all of us. Badly. So badly, it hurt. My mind is bruised. I can't imagine a better performance piece than Lu presented: he fooled every single person in the room, including the legendary creator of the very effect he was showing. Epic. Madness. As a side note, I can personally assure you guys that I was NOT in any way briefed about which card to pick - it was 100% random off the top of my head.
  16. can you maybe convince Lu to release his version of the effect ;D
  17. Man, I would literally KILL to be able to purchase that effect.
  18. ok cool thanks, I have a pdf of it.
  19. Thanks Jonathan for telling how you experienced the effect. I was also completely blown away, the only explanation I could come up with was that Eric was in on it. I've just finished the book "The Berglas Effect" and for Lu Chen to do the effect live for for you guys and especially with David Berglas present and telling beforehand what he's going to do, that is some really heavy Gut Hitting Magic.
  20. I've seen the Berglass book go for as much as $700 bucks...100 is nothing save your money if you want to know it that bad and spend what its worth.

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