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  1. Hi everyone!

    I attended to EMC and I was amazed (obviously) with Lu Chen's ACAAN. I've been doing some research and found some information about the original effect, created by David Berglas. It's an "Any Card At Any Number", in which the performer NEVER touches the deck. Created 50 years ago, the BERGLAS EFFECT is one of the best illusions I've ever found.

    After having watched it in different places, I'd really like to learn it, but I don't know where it is available... Is it in video format anywhere? Is there a book in which I can learn it?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. It hasn't been released. It can probably only found exclusively through Mr. Berglas himself, if he chooses to teach you.
  3. Ummm what?^

    The Berglas Effects-

    Also, in my opinion your going to be disappointed if you buy the book JUST for the trick... I have the book and I have to say that I love the book though, if your going to buy it just for that, its a pointless buy.
  4. oops. sorry, I totally spaced on that one.
  5. never touch the deck ?
    hum, i think it's a legend, i think he just used a stooge and , here we go !
  6. Is that the ONLY source? Very expensive, taking into account that is just a book...
  7. he stated he did not use stooges
  8. Just a book? I think you forgot the whole idea. It states in the product description that you get 3 DVDs with the book, as well as jam packed with 400 pages of his material over the past 60 years. Also, coming from a master of magic, $140 is surprisingly cheap for this book in my opinion. I think I forked out the same amount or near it for a Hardcover Edition of Sonata by Juan Tamariz plus his rare booklet on the TPC. It's a treasure in my magic collection, and the magic in there is just simply brilliant.

    If you want to learn JUST the ACAAN, it is expensive. If you want the book for ALL of the magic it comes with, not expensive at all. Depends on which side you're on.
  9. OOooopss... Thanks for the details, Casey! I haven't read the details completely...
  10. The Berglas Effects is one of the best if not the best books I have purchased in a very long time. You learn to create miracles with no sleights. There are completely seperate chapters on doing ACAAN and the Berglas Effect which is the super clean ACAAN.

    Truth be told the ACAAN plot is a lot older than Mr Berglas it dates back to the 1880s using a one handed bottom deal.

    As previously stated if you buy the book to learn the effect you will be disappointed, however if you buy the book to perform some of the cleanest card magic you could imagine then you will get more than you moneys worth.
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  11. I bought a copy of "The Mind And Magic Of David Berglas" when it was released years ago, that was supposed to include his acaan but it didn't actually teach you how to do it. I am going to assume his new book will be the same, it will tell you a basic overview, give you a history and some nice stories but he won't specifically teach you how to perform it. The only person he has taught it to and allowed to perform it in public is Marc Paul.
  12. The posts above me have said what I wanted to say about the effect...

    This is just a small note about learning magic in general. There are many approaches to learning magic. Of course, you can see a trick you like, and buy it, if it is available. The other is to learn about card magic, so that you have the foundations, the knowledge and the ability to create what you want to create, or at least to work on it. The latter, I think, is far more rewarding.

    If you spend a lot of time researching ACAAN effects, you will find that there are several good ones. I won't name any here, since the research will help you more than listing sources will (although it's up to others if they want to name some). But what you will quickly realise is that each effect has some sort of drawback. In fact, if you look at any magic trick, every single one will have some sort of drawback. It's a result of the reality that we are performing illusions, not "magic", per se.

    The trick with finding a good ACAAN effect, is to research a lot of effects, look at the compromises and each, and work out which compromises you are willing to perform with. I myself have thought of two methods to perform the illusion of the Berglas Effect, that I believe satisfies all of the rules and restrictions. However, I know for a fact that if I were to reveal this method, many magicians, and some mentalists, would disagree that this is the case. Even amongst the two methods that I have thought of, one of them simply does not work for me, because I cannot accept the compromise involved. Still, if you are serious about performing the effect, then that's probably the way to go about it.
  13. Prae I am shocked you haven't purchased the new Berglas Book. Within this book there are many methods discussing the ACAAN idea that do not meet the 'Berglas Effect' but for the most part they are very very good. In the later part of the book it discusses the true method of the Berglas Effect.

    I have a two phased routine which highlights the differences in terms ACAAN and The Berglas Effect both from a shuffled borrowed deck.
  14. You know what? I have been so busy and out of the mentalism loop that I honestly didn't even notice when it came out. Between spending time in the States, traveling around Europe, and now settling back into uni here, I don't think I would have noticed it unless the news was delivered to me by a bright orange carrier pigeon. That said, upon seeing your post, I bolted to buy a copy, so I will be perusing it soon! xD
  15. The Berglas effect is a myth
  16. I can imagine you haven't been in EMC 2011, right?
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    I'm tempted to argue the point, and provide evidence that it exists... But I know it won't do any good. Short of seeing it in front of your face (that Berglas, why doesn't he come here and prove to me that it does?), I don't think anything will convince you. Besides which, in typical magician fashion, the trick is all that matters to you. Never mind the legend behind the trick. Never mind the thinking, or the vast amount of magical theory and even magical effects that have come of the it. In fact, never mind what the effect represents...
  18. I know , it does exist, just kidding

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