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    Bio-Kinesis is sure to take your mentalism to the next level. If you can keep your audience in front of you! This might be the trick that scatters your spectators in total fear. Lets just hope no one has a stake on them, cause it might end up in your heart before you can predict the chosen card.

    The warnings scare me a bit also... Well it's coming to your favorite store including Nexus very soon....

    Check out Biokinesis

    What are your thoughts on this Creepy effect? I see a ton of applications, and possible vision damage.

    Seems like a modern version of Steve Martins Opti-Grab. Those old enough remember how that ended. (THE JERK)
  2. I would say this effect would suit those with either a dark and mysterious persona, or those magicians who would love to say, "Check it out! I can make my eyes change color! Look look look!"

    It's not much of a miracle if you are the latter type of magician; every intelligent layman will soon come to a conclusion as to WHAT made your eyes change color -- they just don't know the method. That's such a low form of astonishment, it can only be called "impressive". Then Biokinesis will be terribly ruined and wasted.

    On the other hand, if Biokinesis is performed at the right venue, at the right time, in the right setting...the effect can be devastating. It will most probably annihilate most audiences, and strengthen a plethora of other effects. It should really fit certain personas's not for everyone.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Of course, it looks so wicked, everyone will want it soon. Except for those who consider their character to be more valuable than the tricks they perform.
  3. Then this trick is for me...I think I could use it as a complement, not as a trick, this kind of material could enhance a trick to the roof!!
  4. I don't see myself using this.

    However, someone who wants to put that extra shock in their supernatural performances would probably do well to buy this. Hope it doesn't turn out to be a gimmick that irritate the eyes of 50%+ of the people who use it. Safety first! ;)
  5. I discovered this the other day and truly freaked me out. Maybe not the style of most performers. However I wouldnt be suprised if this would interest an amateur filmmaker. This is the closest thing to special effects.
  6. I think that the only ones who would get full use out of this would be those who claim to possess paranormal abilities, or who use such methods to do so. Otherwise, it simply makes no sense to perform this. It sounds like it will be best used along the same lines as UltraSmoke and all those things. But you can't very well just do an ACR with it.
  7. It doesn't necesarily need to be a darky type of effect.

    I already thought of some ways or patter to add it to my routines, for example.

    Joking that I'm practicing to get into Super Saiyayin mode (dragonball style) and that I can turn my eyes of another color just like goku, then finish by saying that I'm still working with the hair.

    I guess that it would provoke a laugh or two. :)

    Or talking about "Have you seen those people that aparently have two colors in their eyes? like, if you see them from one perspective, their eyes look blue and from another perspective they can look green... My dad kinda had those kind of eyes, and I think I inherit that, check it out"

    Or things like that.

    Yeah I imagine doing a color change and changing my eyes while doing it (not telling them to look at my eyes) if there is a lot of people I bet someone is going to look at my face when I do the color change and he will see my eyes of another color, then he would tell everybody "Did you saw his eyes!? right when he did the change his eyes turned of another color!!!" I mean, it's little subtleties like you mention (like using the ultrasmoke) that could enhance the effect :).
  8. Or try to do a color change and fail and then when they look up at your eyes, you can say "Did I say a color change with the cards?".

    Seems like it would be fun.
  9. I don't agree with the notion of using Biokinesis as a simple little trick -- seems like wasting the potential effect. Given the right circumstance and persona, you could create so much more emotion and magic with Biokinesis, rather than using it as a joke or as an "impressive feat".

    And if you just want to provoke a laugh or two with Biokinesis, then I think there are much more effective ways of provoking laughter. Jokes are quite efficient, and cost much, much less.
  10. You and I are different performers, wich means that different things work different for both of us.

    Yeah, I know that paying so much just to use it as a little "effect" as you say is kinda pointless ( to your point of view). But if little things like that help me improve my performance and the overall impression that I leave on people then I would happily spend the money.

    As I said, even if I use it just to make a little accentuation when I do something "magical" and I make them believe further more that I'm doing some kind of strange or magical thing then yeah. Little things like that have value for me :)
  11. I'm almost certain this trick was given away for free on facebook over a month ago. It was called "thriller". I can't remember the creator's name. Technically it was only the first phase of biokinesis. He could not change them back.

    Upon checking facebook, it seems to be gone, now. He probably only had it up for a limited time. It was fairly legitamate. They even had an opthamologist on hand for the explanation. Honestly, chance of eye damage was extremely low, according to her.
  12. If you watch the demo, look at his right eye, you can see that the "gimmick" didn't quite set on his eye properly. That said...

    The initial change looks really good. But they way he rubbed his eyes to ME looked like he was doing the obvious. I even showed my girlfriend who has no knowledge of any magic, and she guessed it right off the bat.

    I think it is a cool idea, but it needs to look less obvious. I don't care what sort of presentation you use either, if the end of the effect has to look like that, laymen will try to reverse engineer the effect and they will formulate what really went on...
  13. My girlfriend didn't even think this was gimmicked, but knew what was going on at the time of the change.

    I agree that the initial change is sweet, but changing them back makes the effect see through.

    It'd be a great closer to a stage/parlor show. The last thing you do after having an audience guess at whether you have supernatural powers or smoke and mirrors you leave them with your eyes changing and the curtains closing (or just walking off stage).
  14. I can see lots of so called psychics using this as they go into trances to contact the 'other side'.

    Also possibly stage shows or caberet when the performers assistant is hypnotised to do certain things.

    I could use it as a freak performer as my 'Invinsibility mode' as it where. When my eyes change colour I am pysched up and can cause all sorts of pain and weirdness to myself and not remember doing them when my eyes turn back.

    Just a few ideas, but for $77 its a tad expensive for me at the moment.

  15. Do want. Will buy.
  16. Don't want to be a party pooper but I think the method is blatently obvious and I fail to see anyone with an inkling of common sense being fooled by this, however I like the idea and I'm pretty sure the impracticality of this effect will leave you irritated throughout your show in the real world.

    I think it needs more work.

  17. I kinda get what you are saying Shane. My guess its just a demo. I've seen some guys who do sloppy work on their own DVD but if you purchase it and you yourself can kill it. If anything, you can give him a D for effort. But with a good handling and by being magicians, i'm sure its something that we can add to make the movements or sleight to look killer. Its a good idea, maybe bad presentation, but if you think of what you can get out of the effect itself, i'm thinking it can be quite remarkable. Not just a stand alone effect. Anyone who owns B.Smith's "Tears of Blood" feels me. I wouldn't use that as a stand alone effect. But when i'm doing PK work or something paranormal, you should see the reactions i get.

    Also Ben Siedman's Ivanish is good. Do i like it the way he presented it. No. Thats just me. But with some work, and handling it's been a killer for me for years. Thats just me, I'm not trying to change mind here. Just throwing in my opinion.
  18. yeah i know what you mean...wayne houchin was tagged in i gave it a view...
  19. My first impression was...I want this, that tells me the concept of the effect I think is wickedly cool but the reality is as is I wouldn't use it but I give props on the idea and to the creator it's just not for me.

  20. Could be used with a blindfold routine.

    Get blindfolded, do whatever type of craziness you can, when the blindfold comes off make an off comment about your eyes adjusting...

    Just a thought.

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