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  1. I'm looking through all the 1-on-1's and am a bit befuddled what to get. Some of them look simply lame for the price, though others look quite good. In your opinion, what are the three best 1-on-1's on this site? (I suppose this question is more for people who hae bought a sizable group of the things.) I'm a beggining cardister, but I started with Dan and Dave's Trilogy and don't find it overwhelmingly difficult, so anything in that range of difficulty is probably ok.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. If so, then a link would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think the "must-have" 1on1s are:
    >For flourishes : The Werm, ReBeL, carnahan fan
    >For Magic(routines) : Missing Link, 5speed, Hellbound spellbound, Commercial
    >""""""""""(technique) : Houtjogged hermann shift, Schwing

    Hope that help you.


  3. Gracias! I have D&D's Trilogy so I've already got Carnahan Fan and Commercial, but I'll look into the rest.
  4. It really depends on what you're looking for and what you already have.

    Paper Engine, Outjogged Hermann is taught.
    The Trilogy, DnD's tricks are taught.
    Totally Out of Control, Kenner's stuff is there.
    Flo is also taught in a Sessions booklet.
    Lee Asher has PDfs with some of the stuff - BS and TresPass

    I love the Strike Change, the Hermann Shift and the Triple Shuffle is a fun thing to practice.
  5. I'd say 3 1 on 1s you should get are (in no order of 'betterness')

    1. The Werm: Its a neat flourish and even if you don't flourish alot it will be easy to get (I didn't flourish when I got it and it took me 2 days)

    2. 5 Speed: Yes I realize its $13.95 so I'd highly reccommend Chris's book Totally Out of Control seeing as its only $30-$40 and has 5 Speed in it of 30 total tricks.

    3. Sloppy Shuffle Triumph: If you don't know this one get it, it is a very practical triumph and requires no setup, is easy, and perfect for on-the-spot scenarios.

    I may not have bought alot of 1 on 1s, but these ones were superb.
    whats better?
    And ace cut (just released) is well thought out. Joel is a beast!
  7. personally

    personally, i have 3 years of cardistry and card work practice, and i would recommend adding 5speed, missing link and commercial
  8. the best one-on-one's in my opinion is

    1. the fan control

    2. shifty

    3. bluff pass
  9. 5 Speed, Shifty, Fan Control, Outjogged Hermann Shift, and 4For4 Switch

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