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Best Basic Deck

Aug 19, 2012
Can you guys give me your opinions on what you think the best basic deck is? By basic i mean, bicycle, tally ho, bee's, etc..

Because i'm starting to get low on cards and i wanna make a mass order, so i want to know which ones. And i mean specifically, like color and design and stuff. I know the color and everything probably doesn't really make a difference but a lot of people say certain colors handle better.

What do you guys think?
Jul 2, 2011
I totally agree with magicat. Blue Tally-Ho Circle Backs are the best handling "basic" deck, in my opinion. Although if you're more into flourishing, I'd recommend the Fan Backs, for the aesthetics.
Aug 19, 2012
I was thinking the blue circle backs too. And i should add - these are for magic, not flourishing. Thanks for the response guys!
Jan 22, 2012
Blue Tall-ho's are awesome looking. Another thing you can do is get the HOPC basic color decks. I think they are pretty cheap and come in a variety of colors. Also if you want about a dollar a deck you should go to costco and get a dozen pack of bicycle. But I'm unsure if Costco is in the UK.
Aug 27, 2012
A blue or red Bicycle deck is the best for "myself". Their seen as a regular deck by the spectators (whether or not they are). Over the years I've found that most others decks are giving the credit for the magic the audience has seen. For insistence when using the Bicycle decks - I'm most asked "How did you do that?" and with Tally-ho and specially with other decks it's "Where can I get a deck of magic cards like that?". Now, it ready depends on what your asking. if your looking for the best handling deck or the most accepted deck. Think- When you see some one doing a card trick in a public place and you don't recognize the deck- what are your first thoughts. It's truly a personal choice! My choice is for Blue Bicycle, unless I'm doing a lot of gambling moves ( like second deals ) , than I go Red Bicycle. I believe that it's harder to follow the red back,in this case. The choice of what deck to use is - " A Personal Choice " !
"Just My Opinion" -
Take Care ~ magic.42


Jul 10, 2012
This may be true in America, but I would really have to disagree in the U.K. There is not a 'standard' deck over here in the U.K. In fact, most people haven't even heard of Bicycles. So I can get away with using nicer decks (like from theory11 etc.).

My favourite basic deck depends. For flourishing, I usually just use standard Bicycles. Practicing sleights- Bee. Sleights with Bee decks are a tad bit harder (IMO) because of the border less design. Of course, for gambling (false deals), Bee is very good. But for things like Elmsley counts, using the Bee deck is not nice. But I prefer this because it trains me to a better standard.

On the other hand, I do love using Tally Ho Circle Back in blue. Also I love Fan backs, also in blue.
Recently I have been using Aviators as my main practice deck though. I really like them.
Feb 4, 2008
Bee seems to be the most precise but the borderless back llimits some magic effects while making it better for gambling dems. So it is kind of a double edges sword.

Jeremy Hanrahan

Craftsman, <a href="
Sep 1, 2007
Simcoe Ontario Canada
I really like Tally ho blue and red circle back. I gaffed a project for a company that used just the card boxes and have over 2 bricks of just tally blue circle with no card boxes lol. Gotta love the refill option lol

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