Best Card Through Window shown here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diego, Mar 6, 2008.

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    if you can not view that

    i think they should sell that here XD
  2. Seen it before. Pretty funny. Hehe.
  3. I think that was set up.
  4. It probably is since the guy ran away saying "They did it!". Running away blaming someone else like that your asking to get caught. Whether it is set up or not it was very funny.
  5. yeah and he wouldn't just break a strangers car window

    or maybe he would...i don't know him
  6. I agree that it is setup. he would have to throw that deck pretty darn hard to break a normal window. Also, the glass should be tempered, meaning that it should have beaded up, not shattered like that.
  7. XD
    are those even words,
    anyway, really funny, looks planned though
  8. That was awesome!

    He is my new favorite magician, whoever his name is.
  9. Thank God it wasnt Scraper Card Through Window, which can be seen Here for those who have never seen it.
  10. AHAHA, its a new genre in magic, its not a card through window, it is a trick that reveals itself.
  11. Good lord, that Scraper mess is terrible.

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