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Best card tricks

Accidentally posted this on the cardistry and flourishing forums so I am posting it again on the magic forum 😂. I am starting this thread to see people's opinions on the best card tricks. Post if it is impromptu or requires setup. Here are my favorites.

1 McDonald's aces (setup)
2 Invisible deck (setup)
3 Chicago opener (setup)
4 Out of this world (Impromptu)
5 Filter Triumph (Impromptu)


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Jul 25, 2015
1, Invisible Transit (impromptu)
2. Pit Hartling's Duplicity (setup)
3. Out of This World (setup)
4. AACAAN (setup)
5. Twisting the Aces (reasonably impromptu/minimally setup)
6. McDonald's Aces (gimmicked)
7. Invisible Deck (gimmicked)
8. Color Monte (Depending on you perspective this could be considered gimmicked, setup or impromptu. Take your pick.)

What version of Out of This World are you doing? I might work the setup into the effect, but I don't consider the original version to be impromptu.
Jun 3, 2020
The best ones I've been performing and I consider my favorites are specific effects you'd need the books or videos to learn but here they are.

The Magicians by David Regal - (impromptu)
Twilight Zone by Mike Powers (set up)
Royal Jazz Quartet by David Regal (set up)
Impossible versus Improbable by Mike Powers (set up)
From the Card Magic of Nick Trost there's a Jokers to Aces trick that's one of my all time favorites. The name escapes me.
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