Best Cardini I've ever done

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cardistry77, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. hey guys, this is one of th best cardini changes i have ever done. tell me what you think!


  2. Good thing that we write comments because I am speechless!!!
  3. Very nice. I must admit the trick does leave me a bit empty. Even from a spectator's point of view.
    It's very straight forward and i'm not blaming your performance but i've always had a "meh" feeling about it.
  4. well, I don't care what MR. SaTRIani says, that song is theirs!!!...

    jokes aside, I iked the change, you have a very smooth handling over the cards, and you like ghost cards just like me, do you want to be my friend???

    We could share photos of our ghost decks and we could talk about coldplay all day long!

    Have a nice day mate.:D
  5. Very well done, but do NOT present it as a card transpo to the bottom.
  6. wow dude, nice. That is not anything that we haven't seen before but it was still... excellent!!
    Very i smooth. Oh and TG flip at the end was sick because you couldn't see the deck rotate. It was just suddenly flipped over. At least thought it was Good job.
  7. That is not a cardini change, looks more of an ego. On the cardini you dont lift up the deck it all happens on dealer's grip and you use a different finger. Correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE.

    I think these videos have cool cardini changes. :p


    If I'm wrong feel free to correct me.

    Your change looks good though.

    Good job.
  8. I saw Coldplay on Tuesday night!

    That is all, as you were :p
  9. really? awww they dont come that much where I live (mexico) but I have seen scorpions and creedence (withouth fogerty) I still want to see coldplay and muse live....

    And If I live long enough to see the strokes together again playing live... well I could die happy.;)
  10. They were awesome. But the o2 arena is so big I was sitting right at the top so to be honest it could have been anyone playing down there :)
  11. The Cardini was good, the trick wasn't well constructed, but that's alright. Good job on the change.
  12. Very nice change.

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