Best cardistry cards. My opinion and yours.

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  1. Hey guys. I've been doing cardistry for around 3 years and through out that i've collected countless amounts of cards like most do and i wanted to see what decks other people like for cardistry and wanted to share my list as well. Feel free to share your list and which brands/decks you like.

    Ellusionist: Some of my favorite when they are worn in

    Standard bikes
    Rider backs
    Dragon backs
    Leaf backs
    Rjrtc (watermelons)- another favorite

    Tally hos - obviously
    Exquisite- Probably my all time favorite
    Got my hands on a few decks of stardust casino cards and love them
    Magic con decks
    Rjrtc (watermelons)- another favorite

    Thats what i can remember of my list. Havent gotten my hands on any absolut or wynns but those are my next picks. Feel free to comment your list and have any discussion.
  2. I like Tallies, Studs, Smoke and Mirrors and Aladdins.
  3. My favorites are: Tallies, Smoke and Mirrors, The Virts, and for sure Red Monarch
  4. I have to tell you, one that you must get, that is necessary i believe, are definitely fontaines. I can tell you that reviews will tell you that they are made on basic stock of USPCC but they don't feel like it, i can tell you that much. After a couple of hours that you put into it, it starts turning amazing. Perhaps not as great as some, but a must have. :D

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