Best Cards Available?

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The best playing cards, without a doubt, are:

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  1. Propaganda

    5 vote(s)
  2. Bicycle Centurions (Black)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Bicycle Guardians

    2 vote(s)
  4. David Blaine: Split Spades

    13 vote(s)
  5. DanandDave's Smoke & Mirrors

    6 vote(s)
  6. Bicycle Centurions (White)

    1 vote(s)
  7. Wynn Casino Decks

    6 vote(s)
  8. Other (Please specify with a post.)

    12 vote(s)
  1. Hey guys,
    I haven't bought playing cards in a while. My last purchase was... let's see... wow. Guardians. My question to all the magicians here on Theory 11 is: What's the best, must-have, Theory 11 exclusive deck?
    1. In order to vote, you must OWN the deck you voted for, or at least have some experience with it. (Duh, right?)
    2. You can't break the rules above. (Including this one.)
  2. I would have to say split spades.
  3. Hi Mr. Jones,

    I have SplitSpades, Smoke and Mirrors (No Longer Available?), Centurions, and Guardians.

    I think that SplitSpades are really awesome, and last quite long as well. Those would probably be my choice, however, if those are a few bucks more expensive, go with Centurions, they are just a little more "waxy" in feel for me, but I still really like them.

    One piece of advice:: MAKE THIS INTO A POLL!!! People are more likely to just click a button to give you some help, instead of writing out a big response.

    Best of luck with the purchase.

  4. TH9 all the way.
  5. does it have to be exclusive to theory11 cards? If not tally-ho fan back blue. If so split spades or guardians.
  6. nevermind, I missed the rules where it said that.
  7. Here are a few of the top-knotch quality decks.

    Q1 Tally Hos
    Q1 Bordered Bees
    Texan Palmettos
    Vintage Fan Back Bikes
    League Backs
    Q1 old style Smooth FInish Aladdins
    Old Studs
    PGC Hoyle Casino decks
    Paulson Casino Decks
    Richard Turner's Bikes on Bee Stock that are Traditionally Cut
    Tech Art Wynns

    Just to name a few..
  8. what does Q1 stand for i have those devcks but dont know what it means quality 1
  9. @ TheoryGV. The "Q" measures the deck quality. Q1 being the highest quality, and then going down after that.. (ex: q2,q3... ) The most basic quality out there on most decks you'll find is Q2. The Q1 decks are almost always a custom order, and people pay a premium for them. Doesn't mean that all White bordered bee decks are Q1, but some decks were only printed once and are Q1s such as the Bumblebees. Check out for more info, or just get in contact with any person who knows basic playing card knowledge.
  10. now to say what i voted for - surprise - tally-ho.
  11. Yeah, Tallys rock! Especially blue circles.
  12. read one of my previous posts. i prefer the fan back, but the circles look awesome too. i should stop posting on this thread. i've posted waaay to many times.
  13. GET split spades. I think that your choices should either be tally-hos or split spades. About hmm like 3 months ago I got the 3 deck offer of the split spades and i have to say that i use them to the core, but every single one of them still feels like new!
  14. Everyone's different.
    There's no such thing as the "perfect deck".
    If you really need to know which deck is the best, you just have to buy them all and decide for yourself.
    The first one I would get though would be either the split spades or centurions.
  15. CORRECTION, I have the PERFECT deck.

    8=============== D

    Told ya so.

  16. Tally PWN all...
  17. why thank you.
  18. Only T11 related decks. What does that tell us... T11 Fanboy

    Just get some Bicycles or Tally-Hos. Es Bicycle Ghost are great too.

  19. For me its a tie between Split Spades and Arrco's.


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