Best cards for faro shuffling?

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  1. Hi, I have had some trouble with finding the right cards to faro shuffle with. I have found that winns especially the browns, don't work well. I have found that ordinary Bicycles aren't very good either unless you open and new deck every 5 seconds.

    The only ones that I have found myself that work well are the standard BEE playing cards, I was wondering whether the "BEE STINGERS" would be even better?

    Thanks if you reply :)

    - Alex.
  2. the best deck can be a deck of Bicycles, it just needs to be broken in properly as with any other deck of cards
  3. In my opinion, Old/new Studs and Texans faro the best. You should try some out :)
  4. Screw the others and listen to this : Richard turner made a few special bicycles cards known as the golden sealed bicycle playing cards. They are expensive but designed for the faro shuffle : you can practicly hand them to your grandmother and ask her to table faro them, you will be surprise that she will effortlesly make a perfect table faro.
    I'm exagerating a little bit but that's practicly it.
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  5. Not really THAT expensive since your getting a crap load of decks to last a lifetime.
    It would last me at least.
  6. Any brand new deck in my opinion. Faroing isn't so much deck brand specific as deck condition. Although there are decks that have edges different from brand new Bikes and such. Ellusionist decks are some of them with the edges already polished a little bit so the gritty edgy feel isn't there when you get them first out of the box.
  7. Hi again guys, thanks for your replies, I will be trying out your suggestions and have a look into those "GOLD" Bikes.

    For me at the moment the "Bee's", even though they have a little rough edge, are working well for me.

    Im going to have another shot at the wynns and break them in a bit more.

    Thanks again guys.
  8. just learn how to faro properly, and you can faro pretty much any deck.
  9. What is a good source to learn a "proper" faro?

    And I hate to say it but E decks make great for Faro-ing..

  10. Decks that I use which faro pretty well.

    Arrco, Bicycle, Tallyho, Propaganda and Bee's.
  11. Bicycles faro fine for me. I have my first ever deck from when I was just getting into magic, and I can still faro them. Decks will get worn out but if you leave them in the case for a while, they get back a lot of their quality.

    As for the best deck, I'm not sure, but I'm going with Homer, cause I like Propaganda's :D
  12. Guardians, Normal Bikes, Gemacos... Anything really that isn't a Casino Deck. They don't faro well no matter what.
  13. One word: Stud's

    The World Poker Tour decks Faro like a dream. A 2 year old could faro them, even after weeks of use, I swear. I LOVE these cards.
  15. One word: Stud's

    They were actually made for shuffling with a Linen Finish.
  16. i just learnt from Nicholas Einhorn's "encyclopedia of magic", it basically explains it in half a page, there's nothing at all comprehensive about the technique and the ins and outs of it, but i just learnt the basic technique, and experimented and practiced.
    With a broken in deck my faro is one for one about 90% of the time. I use standard bikes, world poker tour bees, tally-ho circle backs, pink ribbon bikes, arrcos, shadow masters, and ghosts, and the faro is more or less the same, apart from the ellusionist decks which faro better.
    I don't think brand new decks faro better, if anything, they aren't good for faroing until that weird roughish feel comes off the edges after a few minutes of use, but then they're fine.
  17. As other guys say, it`s about practice. Just practice and you will faro any deck new or broken with eyes closed perfect faro:) like I can do it ! And now a little tip - dont try to faro them with the faces pointed to the right because of how the most cards are cut like bikes or tally. When it gets used a deck you can faro it both ways!
  18. True story here, when I was about 2 years into magic, I heard tell of someone on a VHS say, "And then you do a perfect faro, to where every card weaves in and out. If you do this correctly..."

    I looked at the TV and thought that he had messed up. No one could possibly do that!

    It wasn't until I met somene in 2008 (6 years in) who showed me how and what is a good faro.

    Since then, I have practiced and now my faros are about 80%.

    Except with WPT cards. ANYONE could do a faro with those things... Man, those are a DREAM!
  19. Eco edition.
  20. Its pretty easy to faro every deck. :rolleyes:


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