Best cards for flourishing/cardistry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Centurion, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I just started flourishing/cardistry and i need some good cards.
    What cards do you guys recommend?
  2. I recommend that you try using the search function, because this subject has been done to death on the forums, but none the less Welcome! Glad to see you here. Take a moment to review the rules thread, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Honestly, there isn't a "best" deck. There are a crap load of personal preferences but when it comes down to it, there is only so many things you can do to a deck of cards to advance the "technology" that goes into making them. At the end of the day they are just pieces of paper, and glue.

    I recommend you get used to using standard bikes, as they are cheap and available everywhere. You are going to wreck a lot of decks as you practice and learn. Tally-Ho's and Vipers are also pretty damn good too.
  3. Thanks!

    I already have a lot of normal tally-ho´s but i have never tried the vipers, So maybe i´m going to buy some now.
    Because i live in Norway, All cards are kind of expensive too.
  4. Does anybody know when Smoke & Mirrors v7 will be released?
  5. As far as im aware, there is to be no more smoke and mirrors. But they're not likely to stop making cards. Look forward to something different in the future. I dont flourish half as much as others on the forums, but i use aladdin 1001 smooth finish, and bee world poker tour cards, the old ones with red mesh backs and the wpt logo, i dont think much of the new editions. But you're best going for bikes to start with. They are the standard, i wish i had access them when i was starting.
  6. Hi man! Good to see a fellow norwegian!
    I got the Talley-Ho Viper deck and i like it alot. I also got some Bikes but i perfer Talley-Ho.

  7. v6 was released less than a month ago. It will be a while.
  8. I'm going to second (third?) the nomination of the tallys. Butter.
  9. maybe that's what the countdown on there website is about. I sure hope v7s are released (if made)
  10. Old Guy Here. . .

    There IS a "Best Deck" if what you wish to do is fanning and classic card manipulation -- several in fact. I'd start with Norm Nielsen in that his fanning decks have been used by most of the late 20th century's top card workers, including a few FISM winners.

    You will also find "Fanning Decks" though the older companies like Magic Inc. in Chicago and Abbott's in Colon, Michigan. Some of these decks have patterned backs so as to allow for color changing fans that are quite cool and rarely seen in today's world.

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