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  1. I am looking for a good Coin in Bottle trick. What do you guys recommend.

    P.S. I plan on getting Sinful but I am looking for some different and visual ones.
  2. I recommend waiting the very little wait to see what Factory Sealed and Bullet are like. But if you must get one that's already been released then Lucid Dreams is what I've been hearing the best things of so you could look into that. I've also heard great things about Prohibition, even though it's a cap in bottle.

    But yeah, we shouldn't have to wait more than few days tops for E to show us the teasers for Factory and Bullet so I'd recommend you wait until then to see if you'd rather get one or both of those.
  3. Yeah Factory Sealed is what got me to start this thread, but I guess that I will have to wait.
  4. Impervious and Lucid Dreams are considered the best available right now, I believe.
    If you want a good cheap one, The Abyss is good.
    With all of the hype around E's new CIB's, I would wait and see how good they are.
  5. If you can't wait for Factory Sealed and Bullet then really there's only 2 worth considering... Impervious and Lucid Dreams.

    If I had to recommend which one to get then my opinion is Impervious is the overall best.

    My advice would be to hold on just that little bit longer, I think you'll be grateful you did.
  6. Are Factory Sealed and Bullet both coming out at E? And are they going to be in the same package or seperately because if they made it seperate it would be weird?
  7. Yes, they are both coming out from Ellusionist sometime this month. They are being released at the same time, but we do not know if you will be able to buy them separately or not.

    I'd recommend waiting for them so you can at least check them out before you buy a CIB. They're supposed to be the best CIBs...ever.
  8. I think you'll find they are 2 seperate releases, but released at the same time.

    They'll prob do a package deal though... not long now and we'll find out.
  9. They'll almost certainly be 2 separate dvds. But why would that be weird? It's actually a lot smarter because then if someone only wanted Factory then they'd only have to get Factory(just an example).
  10. Weird was the wrong word, but why can't E just put 2 tricks on one Dvd. What if someone wanted both? It'd probably be like $24.95 each and that $50 for 2 CIB's.

    I understand that it's 2 different effects, but it's in the same category and coming out at the same time, so why not put them on the same Dvd?

    It's like when the TnR comes out on T11 and they have another TnR coming out on the same day. Doesn't make a lot of sense besides making more money.
  11. Well, Bullet alone will cost at LEAST $30. Then Factory will cost probably more. A lot of people don't have the money right now to buy both and are only planning on getting one, but if they were both on one expensive dvd then they'd have to wait to save up. The effects are in the same category but they each deserve their own amazing dvd.
  12. Regarding the complaints about their price...Bullet and Factory Sealed are supposed to be absolutely revolutionary. They've been described as being 'light years ahead of their time'. The CIBs will probably be worth 10 times what Ellusionist will sell them for.

    Bullet is an impromptu, extremely visual penetration of a borrowed, signed coin through borrowed bottle with 3 second prep time and examinable props before and after that uses no gimmicks with no funny-looking or suspicious movements. I don't know about you, but I think I'd pay $50 for that miracle alone. Wait until you guys see the trailer. I know you'll agree.
  13. Yes, I totally agree. When ever you guys see the trailer you'll watch it over and over again to try to catch something, but there's just one problem....there's nothing to catch! It sure does seem that way. It's still driving me crazy how such a thing could even be possible. Whoever's expecting these to only cost $25 is just plain crazy, these CIBs are seriously revolutionary.
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    I'm sure that there will probably be a promotion, whereby if one buys both CIBs, there will be a discount.

    In regards to the Best CIB, we'll have to wait and see until Factory Sealed and Bullet come out, but until then The Abyss by The Enchantment and Impervious by Christopher Williams and Jeremy Hanrahan have gotten good responses and nice reviews.

  15. Yeah, there will definitely be a combo deal where you can get them together for a special price.
  16. I heard Sealed and Stuck is one of the best CIB's ever. Anyone have it here?
  17. I think that it depends on your style.
    Bullet is very visual, 3 seconds setup, borrowed and inspectable everything.
    Factory Sealed is in my opinion equally as visual, but it is done in the factory sealed bottle full of liquid.

    For me, I would go with bullet because I'm not always able to carry the setup for tricks with me, and being able to borrow all of the materials would be very convenient. However, on the other side of that, I'm drawn more towards Factory Sealed because of it's visualness.
    I guess what I"m trying to say is: Whatever fits your style will be better for YOU. There probably won't be one that everyone loves more than the other and that they think is the best, it's all a matter of style.
  18. thanks for mentioning lucid dreams guys.

    Lucid has 2 very different coin in bottles in the book.

    Lucid 1: borrowed bottle, borrowed signed coin. Yes it does use a gimmick that you have to make. It will take you ten minutes to make the gimmick but once made you can use it forever.

    Setup is done during the effect so if there's a bottle on the table you can go right into it.

    You have alot of options . Lucid 1 isnt just a coin in bottle. A borrowed ring in bottle is also included. You can use any small object really (a key even)

    You can use lucid1's gimmick to perform a signed version of Impervious with a small modification in the handling.

    The bottle is also shaken hard a second before you bang the coin thru. This isn't some limp wristed shake. Its hardcore.

    The bottle is inspected before and after the effect.

    Y2john is here and owns the effect. If I have stated anythign thats not the truth he will back it up.

    LUCID2: aah, here's some eye candy. The coin in placed on the bottle and then pressed on. It seems to melt thru the surface and plop into the water.

    Best points are that : the coin can be huge. The bottle with big coin can be given a away immediately after the trick is done.

    It does require setup. If you're using a big coin then you set the bottle up at home and take it to your show.

    Bottle is not borrowed.

    there's A LOT of magic in the book. I promise you wont be dissappointed.

    The price will be reduced soon as the card in bottle will be sold as a seperate item.

    One other great point about Lucid is that it is an underground effect so not every magician will be doing it unlike other effects.

    If you have any questions. Please pm me.

  19. Yeah Lucid Dreams is everything Mac has said plus more.
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    Thanks for mentioning Sealed & Stuck!

    Those who purchased it said it is the best CTB ever (some of them also purchased other recent CTBs that are on the market)

    All the reviews are great so far. A total of 5 versions are taught in the DVD. You should be able to find the demo video of it. (google is your best friend)

    Some facts about Sealed & Stuck.

    1) The bottle is factory sealed
    2) No labels
    3) Coin is BIGGER than the opening of the bottle
    4) Combinable with a signed coin
    5) Slow and visual penetration
    6) No cover during the penetration
    7) Coin penetrates at the MIDDLE of the bottle
    8) Hand can be shown empty right after the penetration
    9) Both coin and bottle are shown as seperate objects before the penetration.
    10) Bottle can be examined right after the effect (no bottle switches etc)
    11) Easy to perform

    Sealed & Stuck is the only CTB that fits the above descriptions.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me.


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