Best Close-up Pad?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jok3r, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. i need a close up pad, wheres the best place to find one, and the best quality for the price.

  2. The best place to find one would be your local magic shop. To try it out yourself.
    Ive never bought one online so i cant say about those sites
  3. well unfortunately i have no magic shop close to me =[

    very sad
  4. awesome.

    im wondering if theres something i should be looking for, like material or size or whatever.
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    Get a Victorian Close Up Pad off of

    I believe there is only 1 left. I know 75 bucks is a little pricey, but trust me, what you pay for is the quality you are going to get, FANTASTIC. It's going to last you a lifetime if properly taken care of. It's also a limited edition made pad. And for a custom pad, the price is a STEAL compared to ones that are 100 bucks.

    Good luck. And remember the ones you get off of penguin is basically a larger version of a mousepad. The fabric will be 'uprooted' around the edges, and it will look sloppy and unprofessional.

    The dimensions are 12 by 18, which is a perfect size for any worker.

  6. i would love to get one, unfortunately i dont have an extra 75 bucks to spend on one.
  7. Eh, it's kinda hard to describe if you don't have one in front of you. Basically, I'd try and get the biggest and nicest one you can afford. One of my friends has a really bad quality one, and it shows. It's a little difficult to tell online though...
  8. -4 mouse pads tapped together or
    -A 1m piece of velvet from any fabric store

    Victorian close up pad..pfttt!
  9. I have a friend who handcrafts me my own custom close up pads.

    He also started making cabaret tables.

    I have 6 hard bottom pads and 1 table.

    I intend to be dealing hard bottom pads at TAOM in 2010 Austin, Texas

    These honestly are the BEST pads out there. I have pictures on my facebook of the table so far..

    More pics later.

    If you are interested in buying some, PM me.
  10. buying the VICTORIAN pad is like buying a first edition,expensive,collectors, book with a glossy finish when you can just buy the regular book that is the same book.
    You dont NEED it. Buy a good quality, well priced pad and save your money.

    You can treat yourself to that victorian later when you feel like spoiling yourself.
    And save it for special occasions.
  11. Depends on how soft you want your surface. Some workers swear by super-soft sponge-like pads...others want a stiffer surface to work on.

    Don't go super cheap, but don't buy into super expensive ones either.
  12. True that.
    Honestly though,trying them out for yourself is the only way to get the pad you want. some will say "this one is great" but YOU might not like it when you get it. It might be too smooth or too rough for you. Your situation sucks. No shops near you.
    Go with a well rounded pad for now. one that almost everyone agrees is good.
  13. You probably don't need the regular book either.

    I was actually thinking of Phil, D. But hey. I'm not about to dabble in mediocrity either way. :p
  14. so your saying he probably doesnt need the pad at all in the first place? I dont use one or perform on a table so I wouldnt know how much a pad is needed. Ive only heard other magicians talk and use them.
  15. Haha, you guys are judging the Victorian only by its price.....shame. Have you ever heard the term what you pay for is what you get? Yeah, that even applies to the Victorian. I bet you guys bashing the Victorian don't even have it, so you can't personally say it's not worth the money

    As for riffleactionpalm, send me a pic of the table and give me a price...

    Im already getting the Victorian for Christmas, and has talked to a guy who owns a Victorian, he said it's one of the best purchases he's ever made in advancing his magic because it's almost a perfect surface to work on.

    And, another thing to point out, is that you cant get this design on the Victorian from some shop that sells velvet. Limited edition run of these pads, only 1 left on

    Even if it seems like your spoiling yourself by buying an "expensive" pad, think again. It could be the best thing you ever bought in terms of advancing in your magic.

    Ahh, the feeling of responding to threads knowing that I will get hate....priceless.

  16. ooh bad assumption there mate. My father bought it for me weeks after it came out. Actually a very odd thing for him to do. He buys me what I need not what I want. Especially since im 18 now. Guess i did something good.
    But my statement is the same. Its nice.its elegant. Good quality surface. But I can use a 20 dollar pad from my local shop(40 minutes away) and my spreads and movements are the same on those pads just like the victorian.
    Its like when we were kids and say the expensive jordans help you run faster even though a natural fast runner with crap shoes can beat you.
    Its for look and glamour. High quailty sure. But not the end all be all thats renders all others obselete.
    And by the way,you yourself dont even have it in your hands so you shouldnt be talking either. And design on a pad is very irrelevant to its actual purpose and use. Its frosting.
  17. Yeah, that's one thing, that's right. I was making two subtle points there -

    1. Just be aware that you'll be using it as a practice surface. Unless you're planning to do a televised show where you're sitting at a table, or some sort of similar gig where you will get half an hour with a table and everyone around you, you're not going to use it. The idea of carrying around a close-up mat is terribly impractical in most real world work.

    2. Whether or not one guys the normal book or the limited edition book - chances are, magicians already have enough material on their bookshelves. So either way, you're really just buying something you want, not something you need.
  18. I've never had the need for a closeup pad. If I did 30+minute shows with gambling demonstrations, hell yeah I'd want a nice pad or padded table. But I don't.

    I practice standing, in the hands (mostly) magic that is suitable for most situations. I am able to do a little bit of table work, but it's unnecessary for my magic.

    Of course, I don't use cards half as much as I use to either so having a pad out for one or two tricks would be pointless.

    If you use it, and use it to great success, and it actually takes your magic to another level-congratulations. I'll just stick to practicing and performing to increase my level of performance.
  19. $75 for a pad I can't even ribbon spread on? Sorry, but no thanks. 12x18 is laughably small. Unlike the VDF, this thing would be mistaken for a mouse pad because it is so damn small.

    Not a DnD hater, just disappointed in how tiny they decided to make the pad. A pad that size is basically a doily to set the deck on when you cut it. There isn't much else you can do.

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