Best coin bender trick


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Jun 28, 2017
Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. I recently started getting into coin magic and really became intrigued by the classic coin bending effects. I stumbled upon many different benders from ox bender to Superman coin bend. I also loved the concept and effect of break by Uday Jadugar. regarding break by uday jadugar is it possible to get the gimmicked coins in another currency preferably Canadian coins because this is where I currently reside in and I don’t feel like it’s a good idea to perform it with us coins outside USA. In my opinion it makes the trick less remarkable and puts heat on the coin. Thank you all.


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Sep 13, 2008
Best is entirely relative. It comes down to preference.

You can use a couple pairs of pliers to bend a coin, and then do a switch during the routine. It's cheap and easy, but doesn't allow for the bent coin to be signed unless you're pretty gutsy.

Superman 2.0 has multiple parts to handle, which is why I don't use it for live bends (as in, bending a borrowed coin without a switch) - but it's not difficult to manage and will allow you to bend most coins I believe.

Ox Bender is a one-handed bender, which is cool, but it's kind of bulky. It allows you to bend Eagle-backed quarters pretty easily, and the new state quarters with some effort. I don't know how that will equate to your local currency. I don't use it for live bends because I'm not confident I can hide it and the physical motions of loading and bending the coin are a bit fishy to me. I'll probably come back to it later, though.

Coinvexed and Quantum Bender are usually considered the Cadillacs of coin benders. They both allow for live bends of signed coins. One of them uses two coins, but I can't remember which one and folks have said you can routine it so you don't need two. They are fairly expensive, though.
Aug 31, 2007
I use the Quantum Bender a lot. The setup for Superman is a pain and not as clean as the others.

Coinvexed is a nice option, I have had that before. If you search around I think there is a video of Davis Penn performing with it, I know a lot of walkaround performers that use Coinvexed.

Ox Bender and or Coinvexed are ones I would get if I ever lost my Quantum Bender 3.0.

They've made quite a few changes to Coinvexed so make sure you get Coinvexed 3.0..
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