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  1. Really curious, what are your guys' favorite deck switch gimmicks? If not gimmicks, what type of technique/misdirection do you use to do a casual deck switch in plain sight?
    Currently trying to find one for a routine in a close-up pad scenario.
    Ex: Flash Deck, Cold Case, etc.
  2. Madison has a few interesting ideas in his books. Giobbi has a book dedicated to switching called the art of switching deck.
    Benjamin Earl also has a a video on deck switches.

    Quick disclaimer: I dont own Benji Earl's version myself but I have heard a lot of good things about it.
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  3. Not necessarily a "deck" switch yet it is...Shawn Farquhar has a nice move using his turn to the side grab ahold of his suit coat that is phenomenal. It is how he rings in the Omni deck/clear block.
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  4. I've heard good things about "Cooler Deck Switch" gimmick by Christian Engblom. Although, I've heard it's unnecessary and is more for fooling magicians than anyone else.
    Real Deck Switches is also good. It's kinda ballsy but there's no gimmick.
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  5. Thanks, will look into Giobbi's book!
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  6. I think I've seen that! Incredibly talented
  7. Thanks!

    I was considering The Cooler for a while now, but really wondering how convincing it is in person lol
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